Alice – your voice assistant from Yandex


The appearance of Siri marked the beginning of the development of voice assistants. Now almost every operating system has a similar program that helps in solving momentary problems, and can easily maintain a dialogue.

Alice is a debut voice assistant from Russia

In Russia, the first and so far the only such development is Alice from Yandex company.

The beta version of the assistant appeared in May 2017, and in October it was finally launched. The name for the program was chosen by voting on the Internet.

Your voice assistant Alice will help you to dress for the weather, call a taxi, tell you what is in the photo, or just talk to you. Through the use of neural networks, the program is able to learn to communicate as a living person. You can even play with it, for example, the city name game or hanging.

The program is integrated with other Yandex developments, in particular, Yandex.Search, Yandex. Maps, Yandex. Music. So there are no problems with finding information, roads or music.

How your voice assistant Alice works

Voice assistant works through so-called skills. It is, in fact, a set of functions that Alice is capable of. When the command “run bitcoin exchange rate” it reports the current exchange rate in dollars and rubles. There is a lot of skills variations. Their list is available on the development site.

Like Siri, Alice is able to dare, argue, express own opinion and even refuses to execute commands. Users of the application also note that it is critical of Russian politics, understands jargon and reads poetry.

One of the features of Alice is the ability to play different sounds. For example, if you work better under falling raindrops, and the sun is hot outside the window, a virtual assistant will solve this problem. Just say: “Alice, turn on the sounds of nature.”

ваш голосовой помощник

Audience of voice assistant and its platform

As of July 2018, the monthly audience of the program is 28 million people. Alice works on Windows computers through Yandex.Web browser. Implementation on Mac OS is not planned yet.

The assistant is available on smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems, and is also associated with one of the latest developments of the parent company — Yandex.Station. It’s a smart speaker driven by a voice that hears Alice. It will make the music louder, quieter or even turn it off, tell a bedtime story or sing. The usual functions of communication and ordering food, for example, here are also available. When connecting Yandex.Station to TV Alice will put on movies, TV series and other video materials of the platform partners.

In the future, it is planned that the “girl” will learn new languages, learn to express emotions and acquire a set of other interesting functions.

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Alice – your voice assistant from Yandex