Introduction of artificial intelligence will provide jobs

Introduction of artificial intelligence does not pose a danger to people

According to the analysis, artificial intelligence and related technologies will create more jobs than they displace. The study says that while AI may displace approximately 7 million vacancies, it also has the ability to create 7.2 million applications for employees, resulting in a net increase of approximately 200,000 employees.

According to experts, new technologies, from steam engines to computers, not only do not displace some existing vacancies for people, but also bring a significant increase in productivity. Previously, new technologies were introduced during 250 years, and in the USA unemployment rate remained in the range of 5 to 10% throughout this period. Nothing made it rise, not even steam power and electricity.

Innovation reduces prices and increases the level of real income and expenses, which, in turn, creates a demand for additional workers, analysts say. The same will be true of AI, robots and related technologies. However, it is worth noting that the distribution of jobs by sector will change significantly.

Danger of artificial intelligence

The topic of AI and its potential impact on society caused constant serious controversy. For example, in 2014, the deceased scientist Stephen Hawking told BBC that “the development of full artificial intelligence could mean the end of the human race.”

But it’s not that negative. For example, you can take the usual ATM. After all, it was once prophesied the role of a human substitute. There’s no point for people in the bank, if there is this device. In fact, there are only more workers now. And all because this equipment reduced the cost of opening a new branch, resulting in new places for employees.

And the spread of AI technologies will create millions of jobs, which now no one thinks. Many people worry that with a robot translator, the demand for real linguists will disappear, but this is also just a myth. Why? If the cost of a regular translation falls to almost zero, the price of business with those who do not understand the language of the partner will go down. Thus, production will only expand abroad, creating more work for translators. Although new technologies are already able to perform simple tasks, people are still needed for effective results.

In addition, it is worth noting that the emergence of innovation provides a faster growth in the number of those vacancies that could be easily replaced by technology. This includes, for example, accountants, geologists, forensic scientists, nurses, web developers, technical translators and many others.

These labor industries will hire new people not in spite of AI, but because of it. This is how a free economy works and that is why the world never runs out of jobs due to automation. It is proved that with the growth of demand, the number of positions for services or goods increases.

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Introduction of artificial intelligence will provide jobs