High-tech project management in China: the robot loses to the officials

High-tech project management: anti-corruption system found 9,000 violators in government

Sometimes artificial intelligence is a threat. In this case, Chinese corruption. Chinese officials have practically ensured that the smart computer detecting bribe takers and other violators among public officials can be turned off.

In 2012, a large-scale project based on artificial intelligence and machine learning was launched. From the date of its launch, almost 9,000 officials were found guilty of nepotism, bribes, embezzlement of the state budget and other manifestations of corruption. However, in 2019, an increasing number of municipalities, ministries and departments find reasons not to use technology, since it allegedly causes problems.

Zero Trust is the development of the Chinese Audit Office in collaboration with mathematicians and programmers from the Academy of Sciences. The system a priori has “zero trust” in public servants and studies information from more than 150 closed registries and available sources. In particular, parallels are drawn between some decisions of public officials and their further acquisition of expensive property. It is noted that different Chinese bases contain all the information about the activities of representatives of the executive, legislative, etc. authorities. The supercomputer analyzes it and draws certain conclusions.

Many people have paid attention to the weak side of the system: it accuses of nepotism, embezzlement, etc., but cannot argue in detail its position. Thus, the official was under suspicion and numerous checks were instituted against him. Nevertheless, regulatory bodies did not always know exactly where and what to look for.

High-tech project management: Zero Trust needs improvements

Employees of the authorities checked on the orders of the system with artificial intelligence, and not noticed in dubious schemes, turned against the supercomputer. Many people have written statements to the police about the protection of honor and dignity.

At the same time, Zero Trust system worked only in 30 cities and administrative districts, where less than 1% of the total population of the country lives. The detection of about 9,000 corrupt officials is the excellent result, but it is not reported whether state officials suffered any punishment.

Now, local authorities refuse to use the system under various pretexts. In addition, an employee of the Control and Audit Office told the media that he was under tremendous pressure from the administrations of cities and districts.

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High-tech project management in China: the robot loses to the officials