Machine and equipment learning: invented a robot ready to carry out any commands

A universal robot from the startup as another milestone in the development of machine and equipment learning

Do you know many robots that can execute any commands? In recent years, machine and equipment learning have reached an incredibly high level, and the news about the “iron people” will surprise no one. There are robots cleaning the house; there are those that help the elderly. However, such that it will be universal and yielded to programming for the desired tasks, the developers have not yet shown.

Until recently. It is reported that Ohbot startup specialists have created just a universal robot, but it is not very easy.

What does a robot look like and what is it capable?

The dimensions of the robot are quite small. The height is only 10 centimeters, and it consists of a head, shoulders and a barely noticeable body. The head is a display of 144 pixels; put a touch sensor in the nose. “Brain” of the robot is a computer based on the base Arduino.

In fact, the gadget is capable of anything. Its functions depend on how skillful you are in programming. In addition, this is where the fun begins. Initially, the robot is a “clean face” and cannot do anything. The programming languages ​​Python or Scratch 3 are used for customization. Their capabilities are wide and contribute to connecting the robot to webcams or cloud storages.

However, there is a problem – not all users understand programming. Therefore, for them the issue of setting up the robot immediately becomes a problem. It turns out; it is necessary to pay specialists or find them among friends and negotiate. Nevertheless, both options do not seem the most comfortable.

The lack of user-friendliness of the device characteristics for startup Ohbot hopes to compensate for the lower cost of the robot, compared to its competitors. It is only 130 dollars, which is an order of magnitude less than other similar gadgets on the market. For example, the price of the Misty robot starts from $ 2.399 a pre-sale. In this case, $ 130 for the development of Ohbot, which can be a home assistant, and a voice assistant, and also recognize the person by face and even call him by name, does not seem like a high fee.

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Machine and equipment learning: invented a robot ready to carry out any commands