Automatic automobile parking from Stanley Robotics

Soon at all airports – automatic automobile parking

When a human lands after a long flight, the last thing he wants to do is to go through a giant parking lot in search of his car. Similarly, being late for a future flight, the last thing I want to do is spend more time looking for a place to park. Moreover, in both cases, a robot named Stan will come to the rescue.

Stan is an autonomous parking robot that will take the car out of hand at the time the client arrives at the airport and takes it back to the user after landing. This summer, parking assistant will be tested in Gatwick, one of the busiest airports in the UK.

Created by the French company Stanley Robotics, Stan uses sensors to analyze the shape and size of each vehicle, and then carefully lifts it several inches above the ground and transports it into available space.

A special smartphone application allows to reserve a place in advance. The consumer will be asked to leave his car in a specially designated garage, after which the robot will take care of everything. The client may also notify Stan of his return time so that the car is ready to drive off as soon as the owner appears.

Stan is more than automatic automobile parking.

Experts believe that using several such robots can maximize the effectiveness of everyday life, and increase the chance that no one will ever wait.

According to Stefan Evano, co-founder and chief operating officer of Stanley Robotics, the company called its invention just a parking attendant, because people just need to throw off the car at the entrance to the parking lot, and then they can take the flight without delay. However, he noted that Stan does more than just park cars – this is a car detecting independently a vehicle, driving up under it, lifting carefully the car by the wheels and moving it to the warehouse.

The main advantage for operators of airports or other facilities that need more parking spaces is that Stanley Robotics technology helps free up more parking space because Stan can place cars closer to each other since their doors always remain closed. For example, in Gatwick, 170 parking spaces on one of the parking spaces will be transformed into 270 parking spaces for robots. However, at the same time, the installation process of innovation requires certain actions from the place of testing. Airports must make some changes to prevent parking from parking robots. This includes eliminating cracks and any other defects that may affect the operation of parking robots, as well as getting rid of any obstacles.

Stanley Robotics in Paris has been developing Stan since its founding in 2015. She has already successfully tested a system at several airports in Germany and France, including Charles de Gaulle in Paris. Gatwick will be the first test range Stan in the UK.

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Automatic automobile parking from Stanley Robotics