Robot journalist in all American publications

Robot journalist will replace real writers

Recently, lists of professions that have disappeared in the near future are often on the net, and it is worth noting that it is journalists who are most often found there. It may seem incomprehensible to many to be the reason for this attitude to this work, however, in truth; there is a very realistic rationale for this – the emergence of artificial intelligence.

According to analysts from The New York Times, about a third of the content published by Bloomberg News is based on some kind of automated technology. The system used by the company, Cyborg, can help journalists form about a thousand articles.

The program can analyze the news now when it just appears on the network and immediately upload it to the site along with the most important facts and figures. Tireless and precise, Cyborg helps Bloomberg take the lead in the race against Reuters, its main competitor in fast-paced business finance journalism.

However, not only the famous Bloomberg uses robots, The Associated Press also prefers such reporters to create articles on minor league baseball.

In addition, the Australian edition of The Guardian recently published its first article with machine maintenance – a report on annual donations for political parties. In addition to them, Forbes is also participating in the robot-reporters race, who announced that he is testing a tool called Bertie, which creates drafts, as well as story templates for journalists.

Will a robot journalist soon replace people?

Experts rushed to reassure journalists that since the use of AI has become part of industry-specific tools, this poses no threat to employees. Rather, the idea is to allow journalists to spend more time on routine work.

According to The Associated Press news director, Lisa Gibbs, the work of a journalist is creative, she is connected with curiosity, with telling stories, in order to seek out violators and bring them to justice. That is why workers in this area should spend time thinking critically, and not to perform routine tasks.

By the way, The Associated Press was one of the first companies to make a deal in 2014 with Automated Insights, a technology organization specializing in language generation software that releases billions of machines a year.

AI journalism does not become an easy job that an ideal robot does. Editors and writers spend a lot of time on the development of story templates so that after the bot can add them. As a result, as soon as there is news about a weather event or a baseball game, the system can immediately create a full article.

Nevertheless, machine-generated stories are not ideal, since this technology still needs some work. A human who could assess the objectivity of the text with a real look is required here. In addition, this means that in the next few years, journalists have nothing to fear from competing robots.

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Robot journalist in all American publications