The Chinese believe that using artificial intelligence systems will lead to war

Using artificial intelligence systems can cause war

Authorities and scientists in China expressed concern about the massive use of artificial intelligence systems for introduction into weapons. According to experts, such actions lead to the risk of an unexpected war between states. Thus, the Center for New American Security conducted a study, according to the results of which China increasingly calls the arms race using AI as a real threat to all humanity. Therefore, the Chinese are experiencing that the provisions of international law, which determine the order of relations between states, are morally obsolete, and the rapid growth of AI-technologies can provoke serious conflicts.

Will using artificial intelligence systems change the world: for better or for worse?

One of the authors of the study cites as an example the scenario of an accidental development of a conflict using UAVs. So, in his opinion, recently more and more often such devices are not controlled by a man, but by a machine. In this automatic mode, the drone can perform some simple tasks; for example, fly along a predetermined trajectory to protect the territory. However, China wants to give drones even more freedom, even shooting to kill. Such a device is the device Blowfish A2, which China actively supplies to different states. It is positioned as the first UAV, which can hit the target without third-party control.

Since the drones do not have a pilot, they are controlled from the command center; the military usually does not bother with them. They can easily send them to the controversial airspace, giving at the mercy of the “enemy”. This is what cyberwar will probably look like in the future when countries will invade foreign territories without risking the real lives of soldiers. How the interpretation of such actions will occur is still unclear, and it is precisely over this that countries should think, many analysts say.

For example, one side will send a UAV to someone else’s territory, because it understands that it does not risk anything, and the other side will knock down the device for the same reason. While it looks harmless. Nevertheless, what happens if technology is given more freedom? If artificial intelligence will carry out warning shots, countries may take this as an act of aggression on the part of the person who owns the development. Accordingly, the world requires the creation of new requirements for protection against armed conflict, taking into account the penetration of artificial intelligence.

In China, they agree that their country and the United States are the only states that are actively working to increase the capabilities of AI. Both superpowers have sufficient funds and a scientific and technical base for subsequent modernization, although China and the United States have their own drawbacks. They are certainly competing, but if the issue of such serious issues as military conflicts is raised, cooperation will be needed here.

The United States authorities are usually much less aware of the affairs of China, at least because the documents of the PRC Ministry of Defense are usually conducted in Chinese without translation. Without a timely and complete understanding of the messages themselves, the decisions and the context in which they were taken, conflicts can arise literally every day.

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