How the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture helps Chinese farmers

China is the world leader in introducing modern management methods in various business areas. Progress has affected the agrarian sector. On a farm in Heilongjiang Province, innovative methods of planting crops began to be introduced. Rice saplings are placed in the soil by a special machine without the participation of the driver. Work control is carried out from the air, and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture helps in this.

Why is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture relevant

Heilongjiang Province is a major rice producing region. The Hongwei farm located there and 9 other farms were selected by the Ministry of Agriculture of the state to test the effectiveness of using unmanned vehicles for the agricultural sector.
Such innovations can reduce the number of employees. To lead the unmanned control of agriculture, one person is enough. Movement of drones is controlled by the BeiDou navigation satellite system. The devices are tested on flat ground and on hills to check how suitable they are for growing other crops: vegetables, tobacco, wheat, and fruits.
Agrodron trials have already begun on farms in the provinces of Henan and Hainan. To this end, the Ministry of Agriculture of the PRC attracted several research institutes. Their responsibility is to develop high-precision unmanned aerial vehicles for use in agriculture. Tractors, combines, and other agricultural techniques based on artificial intelligence, which can operate without human influence, were also created.
It is planned that the introduction of automated systems in agriculture will last until 2024. That is how long it takes to thoroughly study the operation of machines, find weaknesses and correct inaccuracies.
The introduction of unmanned vehicles is not the first decision in China to facilitate the work of farmers and to abandon manual labor. Prior to this, mechanical farming was effectively used. This approach brought its results – last year, 67% of the work on planting, cultivating and harvesting was mechanized, with the participation of a minimum number of people.

Search for innovative solutions for the development of the agricultural sector of China’s government forces a shortage of labor. More and more young people are leaving the villages, as a result of which farms are left without people to cultivate fields and lands.
According to current statistics, only in Heilongjiang Province, more than 12.9% of the population is over 65 years old. They cannot work in the fields as effectively as the younger generation. Therefore, the government has developed several areas to modernize the industry and address the acute shortage of people for labor in rural areas.

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How the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture helps Chinese farmers