New BASF leadership: what agri-innovation to expect from the company

In 2019, personnel changes occurred at BASF. The post of marketing director for the general region of Ukraine, Moldova and the Caucasus was taken by Matthias Horsch. The list of his tasks includes the introduction of new projects for the development of the industry. The top manager shared his vision of the situation on the market and also told what agri-innovations to expect in the near future.

What agro-innovation will introduce and develop the new director of the region

Matthias Horsch’s professional activities began in a distribution company. Since 2009, he has joined the BASF team as a crop manager.
With the move to Prague, Horsch became the head of the Central European region, followed by the Czech Republic and Slovakia, after 2 years Ukraine, Moldova and the Caucasus countries.
The main goal of BASF is the development of the company and the industry as a whole. It is possible to achieve such a result with properly built marketing and a clear analysis of all the processes that occur in the region. Matthias Horsch is responsible for supporting current projects, introducing new ones and analyzing the state of the market, its readiness for agro-innovations.
According to the director of marketing, the flexibility of thinking and the perception of new ideas is an excellent incentive for development. Therefore, it gives employees a part of the freedom to implement their ideas, which will help the company to become better. Special attention is paid to learning and mutual aid.
An important task for the Horsch team is the integration of a new direction – the seed business. The impetus for this was the acquisition of part of the Bayer assets by the company. Work continues on promoting the products of BASF Corporation, which include Karamba® fungicide and insecticide-disinfectant Poncho Votivo.
Digital innovation was the Xarvio ™ platform. It is a handy tool for digital farming and consists of two applications.
The first Scouting app helps farmers recognize plant and weed diseases. Analyzing the photo of the affected leaf, it identifies the problem. The company’s specialists are working to improve the program to expand its functionality, including tips to eliminate the disease.
The second application of the platform is FIELD MANAGER. This tool determines the geographical location of the field. In addition, the program offers recommendations for tillage. The farmer receives useful information about products that can be used to improve the crop, tips on caring for crops. The weather forecast will allow the farmer to properly plan the work of planting, caring, processing plants.

The Xarvio ™ platform has become a unique development that enjoys well-deserved success with farmers and is ahead of competing programs in terms of functionality.
BASF is not going to stop at these tasks. Matthias Horsch’s plans include the large-scale promotion of fungicides for cereals and other products. The head of the region is confident that the skillful and timely implementation of agro-innovations will help the corporation to hold the position of a leader in the market and be as useful as possible for the consumer.

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