How the project “Roads of wine and taste of Ukraine” will influence the development of winemaking

The policy of the European Union towards Ukraine is aimed at helping in various fields. A new round of cooperation is the promotion of domestic winemakers and cheese-makers to the EU market. In Odesa, a memorandum was signed between representatives of the European Commission and a tourism organization, the purpose of which is to develop winemaking and cheese making in Ukraine.

The development of winemaking in the section of the new gastro route

The plans for this memorandum to create a gastro route for tourists from Europe. It will include the following cities: Bolhrad, Izmail, Krynychne, and Vylkove. This project is scheduled for 2 years, during which it will be actively promoted in European states. If successful, the list of cities will be expanded. It is planned to draw up a National Map of the Road of Wine and the Taste of Ukraine, which will help guests of the country to evaluate the quality of drinks from domestic producers.
The project aims to create and develop regions where wine is produced. In combination with gastro-tourism, such an idea should attract a large number of foreigners. Similar programs have been successfully implemented in Provence, Sicily, Tuscany and other areas that are famous for their national cuisine and quality alcohol.
The first thing European experts started working with is the creation of convenient and simple routes. For this, manufacturers whose products are attractive in terms of tourism are assigned a geographical name. This includes not only winemakers and cheese-makers but also manufacturers of craft products and various spirits.
It is expected that this project will help the development of winemaking, farming, craft goods. In addition, features of national cuisine, traditions, and culture of Ukrainians will be known for a large number of foreigners.
The project also attracts hotel complexes, cafes, and restaurants to provide a high level of service for tourists.
The route will pass through cities and small settlements, which stimulates local authorities to improve the infrastructure of the region.

An important condition for the successful implementation of the project is the introduction of a geographical names control mechanism for companies producing wine and cheese. To do this, it is necessary for a short time to get away from the mention of unique brands. The best option for manufacturers from one region is to unite and together get a geo-referenced name. In addition, wine and cheese makers will be able to use the European experience and tools for development.
Such cooperation with the EU provides an opportunity to study and qualify for a number of financial programs, including loans.
The project will allow winemakers to develop and improve product quality. EU standards suggest that, in order to determine the uniqueness of a drink, it is necessary to take into account not only the region where raw materials are grown but also the specific characteristics of the product itself.

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How the project “Roads of wine and taste of Ukraine” will influence the development of winemaking