The use of organic and mineral fertilizers: rules for feeding the soil

Ash is the oldest mineral fertilizer used by people since time immemorial. The method is a slash-and-burn farming system when part of the forest was cleared, and remote trunks and branches were burned. The resulting ash sprinkled the soil, and it helped to collect a good harvest for 3-4 years. Despite the development of the chemical industry, the use of organic and mineral fertilizers is still relevant.

The use of organic and mineral fertilizers and their types

The soil quality is indicated by its color. Fertile, dark, it contains humus, which saturates the earth with mineral salts and plant residues. But over time, its layer becomes smaller, the soil is poorer, and fertilizer is needed.
There are several options to enrich the land:
1. Ash. Wood is used for this. When it is burned, mineral salts remain in the ash, which the plant has pulled out of the soil. But this fertilizer method has one drawback: nitrogen compounds in the combustion process are destroyed and cannot fully feed the earth.
2. Compost. Manure or rotten plant residues perfectly replenish the necessary substances so that the soil can give a good harvest again. The use of such organic fertilizer contains a large number of useful elements, including nitrogen. But in order for the plant roots to absorb all the substances from the manure, it must decompose to mineral salts. The first method of obtaining potassium nitrate – from the manure-compost mass. When organic substances decay, ammonia was released. He became nitric acid and then turned into a salt or potassium nitrate.
3. The use of mineral fertilizers of the finished type. All that is required for a rich harvest is to acquire the necessary substance and sprinkle the area.
The roots of the plants equally well absorb the necessary elements of the fertilizer or purchased by hand. But despite this, many are wary of ready-made mixtures, preferring organic. There may be several reasons, but one of them is the wrong application. Having added a large number of mineral salts to the soil, it is possible to increase the level of nitrates and phosphates in fruits.
The risk of causing a similar situation when using manure or compost is also great, but getting a lot of humus is more problematic than buying ready-made fertilizer and spilling it generously on the ground.

Another mistake many gardeners – the use of manure for garden trees. Compost contains large quantities of ammonia. Its high concentration leads to the burning of the roots and the death of the plant. To avoid this, it is recommended to insist manure a week in a 1: 1 solution of water before fertilizing trees. After 7 days, it is diluted with more water – 1: 5, plentifully watered the plants and only then applied to the roots, without affecting the leaves.
The use of organic and mineral fertilizers is an important stage in the care of the soil so that it gives a consistently high yield. But the main thing is not to exceed the optimal concentration.

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