The development of the market for agricultural machinery in 2019

Modern developments are used in many industries, and agriculture is no exception. The sphere is developing at a rapid pace and contributes to this the introduction of unmanned technology, GPS monitoring systems that help control crops, electrical combines. The market for agricultural machinery in 2019 shows excellent trends, following the progress and using innovations.

The domestic and global market for agricultural machinery in 2019: news and problems

Now for tillage in the arsenal of farmers, there is a huge amount of equipment. Most of them are towing equipment used for tractors: cultivators, harrows, and others.
Since 2016, the certification of all agricultural machinery has been canceled without fail, which, combined with the use of the European system of technical regulations, gave domestic producers a chance to declare themselves on the world market.
In the manufacture of tractors, computer innovations are being actively introduced, elements of intelligent control are added to the functionality. Such technological changes can improve the performance of technology, improve quality and ease of use.
Combine manufacturers are also looking for new approaches to the development of the industry. An important step was the cooperation of the Finnish company with the Kherson machine-building plant. Here they launched the Skif-280 Superior combine production line – an advanced generation of Finnish technology Sampo Rosenlew SR 3085 Superior.
The world market of agricultural machinery pleased the farmers with improved models of VERSATILE and NOVA combines.
Seed drills are popular equipment among farmers. They are used for planting seeds of vegetables and cereals. ALFA 6 is a novelty – from ELVORTI for mini-till.
With the development of the agricultural machinery industry in the country, the preferences of farmers are changing. If previously they acquired mostly foreign cars, now they are increasingly paying attention to domestic manufacturers.
The decision to abolish the special VAT refund regime was the impetus for investing in the industry, acquiring new improved tractors and combines. The greatest demand among small farmers are seeders, trailer-type spreaders, tillage devices, and cultivators.
The global market for agricultural machinery in 2019 continues the trend of moderate growth. Analysts predict that the total amount of sales of equipment for the next 2020 could reach $ 200 billion.

In the domestic market, the industry is becoming increasingly popular among investors who see good prospects for growth in production volumes and the introduction of innovative systems. Remains an issue of the use of alternative fuels. The rising cost of traditional gasoline and diesel requires a lot of costs when planting and harvesting. Doing business makes it easier for various loan programs and compensations, thanks to which the agricultural industry can develop.
The market for agricultural machinery does not cease to change and improve. New combines and tractors that are distinguished by high productivity at an economical cost of fuel – a demanded product for farmers.

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The development of the market for agricultural machinery in 2019