The potato production in the world: changing statistics

Potato production in the world has long remained an underestimated area, but over the past two decades, the situation has changed. The leader in terms of crop yield was China. In the country, potatoes are a priority food product. Such a strategy was adopted to meet the demand for potatoes and increase their cultivation.

How the potato production in the world and China develop

To popularize culture, the country’s authorities in 2016 chose a strategy to demonstrate the universality of the product. For this purpose, flour, bread, and noodles are made from potatoes. More than 200 variants of products using this culture are delivered to the domestic market, including pies, liqueur, snacks.
This gave its results and now the potato is the fourth most popular product in the country. It is inferior to rice, wheat, and corn.
In the period from 2007 to 2016, the consumption of fresh potatoes increased from 30 kg to 52 kg. The growth rate was 5.6% per year.
During the same period, the area of allotments for growing potatoes increased. In 2007, 4.5 million hectares were used for planting, and in 2016, 5.6 million hectares. The harvest grew from 65 million tons to 97 million tons.
Potatoes can be grown in many regions of China. It adapts well to different climatic conditions, which allows you to harvest almost all year round. Such properties of culture make its cultivation even more promising than that of rice or wheat. In addition, the ability to adapt to different climatic conditions and a good harvest of potatoes requires less cost for cultivation than grain.

Potato production in the world as a strategy for poverty reduction

To poor areas of the PRC belong to the settlements located in the highlands. The regions have a harsh climate and not developed transport infrastructure. Growing potatoes here will help provide people with nutrition. In poor areas, they are actively expanding the production of culture in order to improve the standard of living of the population and increase their income. Potatoes are able to withstand the harsh climate and its cultivation is much more profitable than rice or soy.

Despite all the advantages of culture, its production in China has some difficulties. First of all, it is the limited varieties. Nowadays only a few types of potatoes are grown, adapted for the climate of the country. To increase production, it is necessary to expand the variety.
There are problems with the transportation and storage of products. A large amount of moisture contributes to the rapid germination of tubers, and they lose some of the nutrients. Transportation in frozen form increases the cost of potatoes, which is not beneficial for buyers.

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The potato production in the world: changing statistics