Soil tillage equipment: how to purchase high-quality equipment

Before the start of the ago season, the farmer must do a revision of the equipment, identify, repair or take care of new devices. In case you decide to upgrade your fleet, approach the acquisition responsibly – carefully select the manufacturer and model. High-quality tillage equipment will help to make the process of planting, care and harvest much more functional and economically profitable.

Soil tillage equipment: selection rules

To choose a model that will be optimal in terms of price and quality, you need to identify for yourself some points that are important when purchasing:
1. Feedback from other farmers. At specialized forums or in person, ask colleagues about their preferences about what equipment they use. It is important to immediately learn about the problems that may arise in the process of using the equipment, the advantages of a particular model. The information collected will help to quickly determine the choice.
2. Find out all the details associated with the repair of equipment. If there is a lot of information on the Internet and people are actively discussing on forums, then this model has problems and often breaks.
3. An exhibition of agricultural machinery is an excellent option to study offers from different manufacturers, to communicate with their representative and ask an expert a question of interest. The advantages of the exhibition are the availability of the results of field tests of equipment that will reveal the real picture of its performance and ease of operation.
4. Choosing a store where you intend to purchase equipment is also important. Trust only proven large networks that provide a guarantee on the goods.

The overview of popular soil tillage equipment

A popular manufacturer of harrows the Razol and Köckerling. Their equipment is universally usable and can work on almost any soil. Harrows are easy to maintain and repair.
Cultivators of European manufacturers Monosem and Köckerling love domestic farmers for the construction of high-quality metal with a minimum amount of plastic, which increases the life of the device.
In the world market of agricultural equipment, dictators from the Eco-Mulch company are famous. In the range of the manufacturer, you can find models equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic actuators. This facilitates the transport and transfer of equipment to its working position.

Razol deep-rippers are popular. The company’s products are valued for the quality of performance and durability, despite the regular high loads during operation of the device. The unique innovation of Razol is the shape of the teeth, due to which it reduces the resistance of the soil.
Along with the European, domestic farmers appreciated the tillage equipment made in the USA and Argentina. The latest manufacturers benefit from lower prices than from American companies and are not inferior in quality.
Domestic companies are gradually squeezing foreign producers out of the domestic market, offering consumers reliable products in various price categories. There is an active development of this industry, which makes the equipment competitive and in demand.

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