How the development of agroecology will help to maintain a balance between the food system and nature

The state of ecology and the desire of people to use healthier food stimulate farmers to look for new approaches to growing products with minimal use of pesticides and other aggressive substances. In this regard, the development of agroecology, which helps to maintain agriculture without harming the environment and human health, has become topical.

What concepts determine the development of agroecology

The concept of agroecology is common in many countries of the world. It allows you to produce large volumes of organic products and reduce the negative impact of agricultural work on the environment. But such a system of growing crops does not follow everywhere. Countries in the Western Balkans, Central Asia, and the Caucasus region adhere to an outdated model of agricultural management.
To raise the awareness of different countries about modern approaches in the industry, FAO conducted an educational event. Its goal is to show the benefits of introducing the concept of agroecology.
The first thing that the organizers of the seminar wanted to convey to representatives of various countries – what is agroecology. This direction helps to create a balance between human activities, animals, plants and the environment. The purpose of this relationship is to build an optimal food system. Another important aspect of agroecology is the social component and the role of farming as the main component in the food production chain.
Such a concept excludes the theory that agriculture adversely affects the state of nature and disrupts eco-balance. It shows that the development of the agricultural sector can be carried out without harm to the ecosystem. In addition, farming according to these rules improve the living standards of people in rural areas and provides them with new jobs.
FAO experts emphasize that agroecology effectively combines traditional farming methods and modern scientific developments, accumulated knowledge. Dialogue between countries should bring to the new approaches that will help preserve nature and increase the volume of organic food production. FAO also outlined the priorities of agroecology, which will be introduced in 2020-2021.

This concept is closely related to the Sustainable Development Goals and allows achieving 10 of 17 goals.
The implementation of agroecology systems is focused on local markets in order to improve the relationship between producers and consumers.
By following the concept, an improvement in the approach of inclusive governance can be achieved, when decision-making lies with a larger number of stakeholders. Thus, a revision of the balance of forces and the search for balance in food systems is achieved.
The development of agroecology demonstrates the importance of farming and improving the living conditions and social level of people in rural areas.
FAO’s educational work has already produced results. Many European states and countries of Central Asia made a proposal to develop the basic principles for introducing the concept into their farms.

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How the development of agroecology will help to maintain a balance between the food system and nature