What agricultural technology is interesting to farmers

In the agricultural sector in the past few years, there have been positive trends. The sphere is developing, which allows many farmers to feel stable, to modernize or expand the economy. Various agricultural machinery, its novelties are becoming popular.

Why agricultural technology has become relevant in recent years

A relevant for farmers is loading equipment, which is used for harvesting. Its total cost in the domestic market is 10 million dollars. Every year, an average of 1000 units of new and used special machinery for agricultural work is sold.
Last year and in the market, there is a high demand for various models of loaders. Such a rush is due to forecasts for high yields, which requires a sufficient amount of serviceable technology.
The agricultural sector is the main buyer of loaders, about 11% of sales are from farmers. They are interested in functional and high-quality equipment that will help to conduct agricultural work.
Nowadays, new cars are popular, although only a few years ago, the demand was mainly used units. Experts attribute such changes to positive trends in the economy and a way out of the crisis.
Farmers are gradually renewing their fleet. If in 2004, 80-90% of all equipment needed to be replaced, by 2016–2018 this figure had decreased to 50%. The update is on, although not fast. Farmers are wary of equipment modernization and investment.

Agrarian equipment of various manufacturers is represented on the market. There are Chinese budget models, more expensive American and European options. When choosing farmers, they pay attention to the productivity, functionality of the machine, as well as the cost of spare parts when replacing. Another important point when buying is the opportunity to profitably sell the equipment in the future or hand over the trade-in system.
When compared with previous years, the selection criteria have increased markedly. Previously, farmers preferred used equipment from Japanese manufacturers with a lifting capacity of up to 3-5 tons. The cost of these models was quite high. For example, a loader from Nissan or Mitsubishi with such characteristics cost 5600-17 000 dollars, depending on the year of production and the period of operation. The cost of such equipment from the European Volvo or American Caterpillar was about 7-200 thousand dollars. These models were most in demand until 2018.
The peculiarity of loaders for the agricultural sector is the high throughput, which was previously provided by Japanese manufacturers. Now new brands have entered the market, which is not inferior in functionality but is relatively cheaper.
Presented a large number of agricultural machinery in different price ranges. This will allow the park to be updated as quickly as possible and a more thorough approach to the choice of models, focusing not only on cost but also on quality.

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