The unique for the country self-propelled material handler Nibulon Max

The development of various industries suggests that the country’s economy is gradually stabilizing and developing. Evidence of this is the shipbuilding industry. At the shipbuilding and ship repair plant “Nibulon” in the city of Mykolaiv created a unique self-propelled material handler “Nibulon Max”, whose length – 140 meters. He is the largest ship that was created in the state.

The merits of the Nibulon Max

As follows from the message of representatives of the plant “Nibulon”, after testing the vessel relating to the project P-140, was put into operation. 5 thousand tons of high-quality metal-roll and 150 kilometers of reinforced cable went for its production. The Nibulon case is protected against corrosion, for which 70.5 thousand liters of special paints and varnishes were used. To conduct comprehensive insulation, it took a total of about 64 tons of materials.
The vessel Nibulon has a length of 140 meters and is intended for use in the river fleet. It is the first copy of such a project. The management assured that by the autumn other vessels produced by the Nibulon plant will be presented.
Such an event is an important step for the development of the river transportation industry, which is considered promising for the country and has every chance of competing with rail transport.
Self-propelled material handler – the first copy in the project P-140. It was created for transporting grain and carrying out work on loading and unloading in the open water area. The vessel is equipped with two powerful cranes. Loader width – 28 meters. The holds have a capacity of 13.6 thousand cubic meters, the deadweight is 8.82 thousand tons.

It is expected that Nibulon will handle the loading and unloading of a grain of approximately 2 million tons, provided that the transshipment capacity is kept at the level of 3.5-4 million tons. Thanks to the vessel, you can increase the daily productivity of water transport, designed to deliver goods, and reduce the cost of its operation for the company. Nibulon can serve as a drive at times when there is no vessel for transporting export goods.
The shipbuilding and ship repairing plant “Nibulon” until 2012 had the name “Liman”, and until 2000 – the Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant. The company is engaged in the full creation of vessels and their repair. Included in the agricultural holding “Nibulon” and serves its fleet.
The plant increases production and is actively developing. Last year, the company released 8 vessels, the same figure is expected in the current one.
Agroholding “Nibulon” is a major operator in the grain market. The company owns elevators with a total capacity of approximately 1.9 million tons. The agricultural holding has for its own purposes a transshipment terminal in the port of Mykolaiv.

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The unique for the country self-propelled material handler Nibulon Max