Digital solutions for agriculture: why is the future of the industry is in IT-technologies

The future of agribusiness is impossible without the integration of digital technology. To this end, the IT sector offers various areas that will help farmers automate processes and reduce costs. To keep up with the times and become competitive, it is important to implement digital solutions for agriculture and develop the industry.

What digital solutions for agriculture offer IT-sphere

Like any other sphere, agriculture requires constant improvement. In today’s world, this can not be done without the use of technological computer development. In many countries, GPS-GIS-RS navigation systems and blockchain programs are actively used for agriculture. For planting, monitoring and caring for crops, unmanned aerial vehicles and other digital solutions are used, the purpose of which is to automate and facilitate the work of farmers.
Trends in IT technology are changing regularly, and agriculture is no exception. This year, mobile applications are relevant to farmers. There are various programs for agriculture that help digital farming. The advantages of such applications have already been noted by farmers. For farmers, there are solutions for monitoring the state of crop growth, analysis of future crops, weather changes. Farmers can use electronic maps of fields, find out the potential of plots, the state of the soil. In addition, the IT market offers digital solutions for reporting, optimizing financial processes, controlling costs and revenues.
It is worth noting the availability of solutions: most applications can be downloaded and installed on a smartphone for free. For specific tasks provide services for the development of individual programs that will combine all the necessary functionality.
Domestic developers are not inferior to foreign and offer farmers worthy applications, among which everyone will find the best solution.

The state is the leading supplier of grains or oilseeds. Ukraine annually exports a large number of organic vegetables and fruits. To strengthen its position in the global market, domestic farmers cannot do without the introduction of modern digital technologies.
The last few years, IT-companies are actively gaining foreign audiences, offering complex developments for agriculture. And such efforts have borne fruit: domestic farmers use farmers in many countries.
Every day, more and more digital solutions for the agro-industrial complex appear on the market, and competition in this area is high. To understand the problems of the industry, to improve the integration, there are special platforms where developers of smart solutions interact with farmers, sharing their experience and their vision of automating agro-processes. A well-known area for such meetings is IT-Corner 2019, where you can familiarize yourself with and try various digital solutions that will help develop agriculture and take it to a new level.

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Digital solutions for agriculture: why is the future of the industry is in IT-technologies