How the port grain terminal works

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This season became successful for the ports located in Mykolaiv. They lead in terms of grain shipments for export and beat records for transshipment. New enterprises are opening up – the grain terminal at the port from the company “Evrovneshtorg” at the beginning of the year was officially enlisted in the National Register of Seaports.

Port grain terminal: construction and functionality

Terminal construction is a serious process, the elaboration of which requires a comprehensive analysis of the economic component, market conditions, and logistical features.
During the construction work was carried out to deepen the bottom. For this, experts raised 8 million m³ of soil. The construction of the terminal was complicated by the characteristics of the plot – there is a high level of groundwater here, already at a depth of 1 meter underground rivers flow. It was decided to go deeper by 7-10 meters. Of the dug trench regularly refused water with the help of 15 pumps. Then poured 20 thousand m³. UAH 1.8 billion was invested for the construction of a grain terminal.
Particular attention was paid to the enterprise entrance. To avoid problems, the road in front of the terminal was expanded, a new canvas was laid, a pocket near the checkpoint was reinforced with concrete slabs. They also equipped the entire area of the terminal. Such a solution is practical and does not need thorough care. In addition, concrete is not affected by high and low temperatures.
At the entrance to the enterprise, each car has issued a sticker with an electronic chip. After the registration procedure, automatic sampling of grain is carried out for analysis using a modern Intersystems sampler. The car is sent to the parking lot, where it can follow the results of the analysis on an electronic scoreboard. If the products meet all standards – the machine is sent for unloading. Processes are carried out as quickly as possible, so that collapses and long queues do not occur.

The new grain terminal in the Mykolaiv port will provide modern devices for analyzing the quality of crops. There are innovative express analyzers, Perten mills, screening for determining dockage and other equipment. The laboratory has a system that detects the presence of raw gluten and its index.
When the grain passes all the research, the car calls in weight. The terminal is equipped with two scales of 80 tons each; in the future, install several more.
Acceptance unloads at the same time six cars, it is possible to serve two types of crops.
At the moment, the terminal accepts 120 wagons daily, by the beginning of the season the acceptance volumes will increase to 250.
Floor warehouse of the enterprise is designed for 90 thousand tons. In addition to it, there are 4 GSI metal silos, the capacity of each is 6.5 thousand tons.
Grain terminal of the “Eurovneshtorg” port has every chance of becoming the largest transshipment point for export products.

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