How to upgrade a grain MAN carriers at Polycar

Sowing work has recently ended, and farmers are already preparing for harvest. Demand for special equipment is growing, farmers are actively interested in new products for fleet renewal. Polycar launched a project to produce advanced equipment based on a model from a reputable manufacturer. Grain trucks MAN, the functionality of which was supplemented and expanded, are ready for use for the needs of large farms.

A Grain MAN trucks: updated functionality

The Polycar company is engaged in the supply and modernization of special equipment for various industries, including agriculture. Equipment for the farm was made on the basis of the model MAN TGS 33.360. The original chassis complied with all requirements for capacity and reliability and remained unchanged. Polycar specialists were faced with the task of designing a dump body that can withstand the necessary loads. An option for three-way unloading was installed. This was made possible thanks to the four support balls that are placed on the fixed part of the platform. For the production of the boards, high-quality steel was used, the back part and the sides are equipped with locking mechanisms, due to which rigid fixation occurs while the car is moving. The floor is covered with steel sheets.
The support section of the hydraulic cylinder is welded to the lower part of the platform, which strengthens the entire structure. Such design features allow transporting about 20 tons of products in the back of a car.
Technical characteristics of the grain-carrier MAN:
● the vehicle carrying capacity is 20 tons;
● the time required for full unloading: back: 30 sec., Side – 20 sec .;
● body dimensions: 5600х2500х1800 mm;
● the fixed part of the platform is represented by a welded structure, which is fixed on the frame;
● The movable part is a platform made of shaped pipe and metal;
● 4 support balls;
● availability of a folding mechanism;
● hydraulic cylinder with support plate;
● the equipment is controlled by the remote control, which is located in the cabin.
Are included in the additional package of the grain-carrier:
● the lighting of different types;
● hydraulic pump;
● folding ladder located at the rear of the body;
● awning.
New equipment based on the MAN model has passed all the necessary tests. The grain carrier is ideal for agricultural work.

Not only a grain MAN but the other vehicles are improved too

Another project of the company is body reinforcement for the Volvo FM 370. The car is used to transport overall equipment and must withstand heavy loads. To this end, the body was equipped with aluminum sides, the cabin was reinforced with a welded structure to protect the hull from damage.

For quick loading and unloading, there are folding and removable mechanisms.
Among the company’s projects are the creation of bodies for a repair vehicle based on the Iveco Daily 70c15D model, a refrigerator for Renault Master, and a Jac N75 car for transportation of goods.

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