It became known the number of users and specifics of Alipay service in Russia

Alipay in Russia: how Chinese development conquers new countries

Alipay in Russia becomes more popular. Representatives of the payment system reported that every month its services are used by more than 100 thousand people.

What is Alipay

Alipay is a payment system of Aibaba Group Corporation. Initially, it was created for payments in the online store Taobao (owned by Alibaba), but then it was integrated into other services of the company. In addition, more than 400 thousand companies in Asia, America and Europe use Alipay.

A feature of the payment system is the withdrawal of funds from the client’s account only after confirmation of delivery of the order.

As of January 2019, the number of Alipay users is more than half a million. In 2013, it became the most popular payment system in the world, outrunning PayPal.

Alipay has been working in Russia since 2017.

Who uses Alipay in Russia

Basically, Chinese students, tourists or Chinese citizens coming here on business or working in Russia.

The most active users of Alipay are predictably tourists. In 2018 they made profit to system in Russia. In no small way, of course, thanks to the World Cup.

In the first three quarters of last year, more than a million Chinese visited Russia. 66% of them use Alipay. For residents of China the opportunity to pay with their system is one of the main factors in choosing a country for travel. This study said the popular service for booking hotels

How much money is spent by the Chinese using Alipay in 2018

Unfortunately, there are no exact data yet. However, it is reported that on average one user of Alipay during a trip to Russia spends up to 50 000 rubles. Similar indicators of the check — 3925 roubles.

The greatest activity in the application in 2018 was observed in the summer and September. Then, compared to other months, it grew 5 times. This was due to the holding of the World Cup.

Alipay in Russia: where is it possible to pay

The company reports that almost 30 thousand stores are connected to Alipay system in Russia. Among them are food (Dixie), luxury boutiques, as well as TSUM, GUM, duty-free shops and some international fast food chains.

Users of Alipay system mainly buy Russian vodka, beer and wine. Also among the popular requests are domestic dairy products, cosmetics, confectionery and souvenirs with the image of the President of the Russian Federation.

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It became known the number of users and specifics of Alipay service in Russia