New application of artificial intelligence systems: artificial eye

The use of artificial intelligence systems can make people’s lives easier

The use of artificial intelligence systems is possible in a variety of areas. Not to mention recently American scientists have shown that the neural network will be used even for space flights.

Now it is the turn of Russian specialists to surprise the world with their technologies. It is reported that the expert group has developed a so-called “artificial eye” for blind people.

SOMSI system — step to the future

The project got the name SOMSI or System of multichannel information processing. It should be mentioned that the development is not able to regain vision. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible in general. However, in the long term it will allow the blind people to navigate in space better.

How the device works

SOMSI is a kind of digital retina that studies the space around a person with the help of video and sounds. Special sensors and stand for this.

Then the received information is transferred to the cloud storage of the system. It is analyzed there by the neural network itself. The result is sent to the person, simultaneously transforming into a voice or tactile message. Also, if the user has an eye implant, he gets a virtual image.

Pros and cons of technology

The system is not yet powerful enough to describe in detail the picture for a person. However, the technology easy identifies dimensions of large objects.

Another positive property of SOMSI is the ability to determine the distance to the object. It is enough to press a special button on the device, and with the help of ultrasonic waves, the neural network will calculate the distance and inform the person about it.

Future application of artificial intelligence systems

Work on AI training is more than a year and requires a lot of effort. For example, to recognize one object, you need at least 10,000 of its images taken from different perspectives.

So far, the system easily reads cars, people and small equipment (phones), but does not distinguish faces. Therefore, now the efforts of specialists are aimed at improving the work of SOMSI.

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New application of artificial intelligence systems: artificial eye