Implementation of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry: video for Lexus

Implementing artificial intelligence is not an easy task.

Driven By Intuition is the name of a new automaker’s video for promoting luxury cars. The scriptwriters of the video indicate none other than artificial intelligence.

The studio Visual Voice together with The & Partnership London was engaged in its creation and trainign and the Carnage Films Company was filming. The idea was brought to life by the Oscar-winning director Kevin MacDonald.

The introduction of artificial intelligence is a time-consuming process, and therefore the preparation of the scriptwriter for the work was long and thorough. To begin with, it was shown all the information about commercials that have received awards in the past 10 years. Further, artificial intelligence learned the emotional impact on the viewer and feedback from it, and then went through the course of creating spectacular images in the frame.

The result of the work of artificial intelligence

When the student was ready, it received the task of creating a video. Before artificial intelligence, the goal was set to write an emotional script in which the robot helps people.

I propose to evaluate the work of the scriptwriter:

Of course, the scenery, sounds, acting and other parts of the video were created by people. In this case, the crew praised the idea of artificial intelligence.

A bold move from Lexus Company may grow into a full-fledged industry in the future, where a program will take orders for developing scenarios, but not a specially trained person.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is used in various areas of both business and everyday life. For example, there is a Digit application that, in addition to accounting for a person’s income and expenses, analyzes his spending habits and helps to optimize the budget.

The introduction of artificial intelligence is observed in medicine. Using the technology, medical records are being studied, treatment plans and prescription drugs are being developed. Also, on the basis of artificial intelligence, help robots to care for the elderly are created.

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