Artificial intelligence solves marketing problems: creating of promotional video

Artificial intelligence solves the problem of promoting a new Lexus car in Europe

Toyota Motors is preparing to please its European fans with a new business class sedan model. Lexus ES is already preparing to conquer the markets of the Old World. The company decided to be as creative as possible in presenting the car in Europe. In particular, Toyota Motors prepared a presentation video, in which the company was actively helped by artificial intelligence. AI was responsible for the development of the script and the plot of the video, and Director Kevin MacDonald helped to realize the idea. Thus, Toyota intends to show that artificial intelligence solves problems of varying degrees of complexity, and the company itself is not afraid of innovations, and willingly introduces them into its products.

According to representatives of Japanese automobile giant, the presentation video is called “Driven by intuition”. The duration of the promo video is only 60 seconds. Absolutely everything that happens in the video is the brainchild of artificial intelligence. AI, which was engaged in the preparation of the script, was developed on IBM Watson platform. The creation of the program was entrusted to Visual Force company, which prepared the program together with another giant The&Partnerhip.

Training of artificial intelligence was made thanks to the information base of advertising videos, which represent other products of the premium segment. To get the best effect, the creators of the program selected only those videos that received awards at various advertising festivals. In addition, the developers have collected and uploaded to the training database and information about the client’s preferences, as well as “data on human intuition”.

Artificial intelligence solves the problem of preparing the script, but the shooting is entrusted to human.

Director Kevin MacDonald stepped up to implementation of the script prepared by artificial intelligence. He became famous all over the world, thanks to his documentary films such as The Last King of Scotland. Moreover, in 2000, McDonald won the most prestigious movie film award – the Oscars. McDonald’s creation Once in September received award in The Best Documentary category.

The promotional video was ready, and presented to the public on 15 November in the UK at private screening. The ceremony was attended by representatives of many well-known media, but they were able to present the video to the public only on 19 November. It was then that the promotional video appeared on the official Lexus channel on Youtube, as well as in communities on social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In addition, the specialists of Lexus division now actively work on the creation of its first autonomous car. It is expected that it will be released for the first time in 2020, and will go on sale by about 2021. A lot of developments will also be implemented in it, which will be based on artificial intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence solves marketing problems: creating of promotional video