Artificial Intelligence Support will allow mass generation of video content

News in video format created with the support of artificial intelligence

Creating news video content is not an easy task that requires readiness from all channel structures. Directors, film crew, presenters – all have to work as a whole. Given the limited time for the preparation of the presentation, it is a titanic work. Not surprisingly, companies are looking for opportunities to ease the burden. And some people do. With the support of artificial intelligence, you can generate records much faster and easier. Developments in this industry can greatly benefit the media, especially television.

How to create news supported by artificial intelligence

During the Conference on Integration and Development of the Media Industry of China, Xinhua news agency presented a new technology for creating news clips using the capabilities of neural networks. The partner of the channel was the trade consortium Alibaba. Together, the organizations launched an intelligent platform that has no analogues in the world.

Preparing video content does not require human intervention at all. To get acquainted with the program in more detail on the website of the infogiant from China. The release took place on 27 December 2018.

At the event, representatives showed how it works. Immediately after activation, AI showed participants 186 short videos, of which 97 were generated independently by the machine. The rest were subject to minimal revision by Xinhua workers. The platform is publicly available and can be used by any Chinese media. The official accreditation is the only condition.

According to experts of the news agency, the technology is equipped with basic templates of news, from politics and emergencies, to sports. The service performs automatic analysis of the received information and selects the most valuable. This will save editors’ time. With the distribution of 5G, the format of short videos will be the most popular.

The head of the Alibaba consortium Shao Xiaofen also commented on the development. In his opinion, artificial intelligence will allow a person to engage in more important matters in journalism. The expert is convinced: machines will never be able to replace individual professions in the industry.

Xinhua is not for the first time “blowing up” the sphere with its breakthrough technologies. Earlier on the TV channel carried out the robot – the TV presenter. Probably soon he will replace the workers in the studio. The first impression of the inhabitants of China remained not the best, people were simply frightened when they saw this creation. However, the news agency is going to improve the model so that it does not differ from a living person.

In fact, professionals released two bots at once. One reads the news in Chinese and the other in English. Experts see a great future in the project. Mechanical speakers do not know fatigue, thay can broadcast at least 24 hours a day without stopping. They can’t be confused. They do not stump, do not wander, do not need to re-shoot releases due to errors.

There are great hopes for artificial intelligence in the country. Xi Jinping calls the development of neural networks a priority. According to the Secretary General of the Communist Party of China, technology is able to make the economy of China even more powerful in the coming decades. Therefore, it is certainly worth waiting for new developments from ingenious local engineers.

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Artificial Intelligence Support will allow mass generation of video content