Biometric data for the bank: why financial institutions need your photo and voice

Biometric data for the bank: why financial institutions need your photo and voice

Biometric data for the bank as an attempt to eliminate “passport slavery”

On 30 June 2018, the order of the Ministry of Communications on biometric data for the Bank came into force in Russia. Now it is enough for a person to provide his/her indicators once to receive banking services without physical presence in the Department.

Customer data is stored in Single biometric system. It is possible to use the services in this format only in those banks that are connected to it.

What is the reason of biometric data for bank

Russia wants to remain involved into technological progress. All over the world, biometric verification is a standard. It makes it easier for the client to obtain a loan and generally bring the quality of service to a new level.

There are advantages for banks. They will upload user data to the system themselves. Thus, it will become a kind of platform where each bank will be able to access information about the client for a fee.

How much does the service cost for bank customers

The Ministry of Communications decided that the request to the system will cost 200 rubles. At the same time, 100 will be received by Rostelecom as a provider, and 100 by the bank that downloaded the data.

In general, this price suits all market players. However, among the banks there are those that just use the system and buy information. Others even earlier, prior to the Decree entry into force, established expensive equipment for collecting biometric data in their departments. In this case, it would be right to give the initiative banks a discount on the services of the system.

What the verification procedure looks like

The user submits a photo and a sample of his/her voice to the bank. The data is then loaded into the system. When the client calls, it will scan his/her face and correlate the voice with the option that is stored.

Why voice and photo identification was chosen?

Because of its availability without loss of quality. For example, Alfa-Bank, one of the largest in Russia, for the sake of experiment carried out verification on a palm, face and even emotions. However, the cost of equipment and other costs for the implementation of such a project are very high.

Photo identification and voice recognition do not require expensive equipment. This, in particular, allows to install it in small banks.

What bankers and IT specialists say

So far, the results are not very positive. According to Timur Aitov, General Director of Software Product Group of Companies, not all bank customers are ready to transfer their biometric data to the bank. Now there are only a few thousand. The rest ones prefer to be served on the spot.

The high cost of installation and maintenance of the system of recognition of persons on the servers of the banks confuses. Alexey Kadeishvili, Chief Technology Officer of Vokord (cooperates with Tinkoff-Bank), reports that such development of his company costs the banks about 600 000 rubles a year.

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Biometric data for the bank: why financial institutions need your photo and voice