Bitcoin in politics: the governors of 5 states of the USA support Bitcoin


Cryptocurrencies are getting more and more attention in political circles. Recently, it became known that the new governors of 5 USA states supported the crypto currency in general and bitcoin in particular. They insist that America should play more active role in the regulation and application of digital technology.

Bitcoin in politics as means of collecting for the campaign

Gavin Newsom, recently elected Governor of California, has long been called a crypto-enthusiast. The politician became interested in the development in 2014, a few years before the conditional boom of cryptocurrencies around the world. Moreover, Gavin Newsome is one of the first politicians who started accepting digital money as a donation to the election campaign. It is to be recalled that in the United States funds for its conduct are allocated to voters.

Despite the fact that Californian authorities eventually banned the collection of cryptocurrencies because of the anonymity of transactions and possible opacity, Newsom won the election. Now he is campaigning for the use of data from the blockchain as evidence in court. Also, with the participation of the policy in California, a bill was developed and approved to create a working group to study the blockchain.

Greg Abbott also supported new technologies. He was recently re-elected as Governor of Texas, and when he first came to power in 2014, he had been accepting bitcoin contributions to his campaign even before Newsom.

Биткоин в политике

Bitcoin in politics: what governors are fighting for

Gina Raymond, like Greg Abbott, retained her position, but in Rhode Island. Her enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency is to calls to recognize the legal transactions carried out by entrepreneurs. In addition, the politician wants to use the blockchain, in particular, for the organization of free medical care.

The other voting leader, Mark Gordon from Wyoming, takes a slightly different position. He fights for the tax freedom of cryptocurrencies for their buyers, and cryptocurrency firms want to exempt from laws designed to regulate transfers.

Another active supporter of bitcoin in politics is Jared Polis, the head of the state of Colorado. While working as a Senator, he created Congressional Blockchain Caucus faction, which was engaged in the political promotion of these modern technologies. The policy personally advocated for the USA to take a leading role in the regulation of cryptocurrencies and urged congressmen to declare them. Now the Governor continues to work on the “Law on justice in the field of cryptocurrencies” to provide tax incentives for certain cryptocurrency transactions.

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Bitcoin in politics: the governors of 5 states of the USA support Bitcoin