Blockchain companies 2.0

Blockchain companies adopt reforms

2019 promises to be significant for Ethereum network. Since this year in this ecosystem will be activated one of the most anticipated updates — Constantinople. Many people are excited about this event and, therefore, Kosala Hemchandra, Creator of MyEtherWallet, agreed to answer questions the user answers.

According to him, the company has already released a large number of decentralized applications that will appeal to many consumers of the platform. This includes Kyber Network, MakerDAO and Ethereum Name Service. But still, he noted that so far the new ecosystems are designed for experienced users. In the future, Hemachandra plans to develop platforms for beginners.

When asked about his attitude to ICO, Kosala replied that it was impossible to assess this phenomenon unambiguously. After all, it was the worst and the best decision of the organizers of crypto projects. First, it allowed to attract more investors who were not previously interested in digital currency. Secondly, the whole industry developed very quickly. But the negative side is that more than $ 1 billion went into the pocket of fraudsters.

Hemachandra believes that 2019 will be a test for the developers of Ethereum ecosystem. Their main task – to work harmoniously, only in this way it is possible to achieve good results, he added.

Also Kosala plans to attract more new minds. In his opinion, 2018 was a period of mass “brain drain” and in 2019 he will try to change it. Founder of MyEtherWallet believes that in this way the industry can overcome the current instability. Hemachandra also noted that with the slow development of the network, she will achieve amazing results.

Reduction in blockchain companies

Only Chinese manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain announced the reduction of its staff, immediately rumors about the dismissal were confirmed in Huobi Group.

According to one of the employees, the organization conducts a qualification exam for all employees on blockchain knowledge. It includes 2000 questions, in the case of ignorance of the answer, a reduction follows. Such a test, according to management, is necessary for the growth of professionalism and efficiency of the staff.

According to another source, more than a hundred employees have already been fired. At the same time, the total number of employees of the corporation does not exceed one thousand, and the company aims to reduce at least another half.

At the same time, Huobi Group does not abandon its search for new minds. According to executives, the corporation is still concentrating on emerging markets.

In an interview with Chinese newspaper, the founder of Kenetic Capital, Jihan Chu, said that layoffs are a natural cycle in new, rapidly developing industries. And the blockchain sooner or later would experience this rebirth. Such actions have already been observed in Internet companies of two-thousands and then it was a great decision, says Chu. After a huge number of new large corporations appeared on the market. He also added that he is looking forward to the emergence of the modernized blockchain industry version 2.0.

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Blockchain companies 2.0