Blockchain developer is a popular profession in the USA and India

India is catching up with the US in the number of blockchain developers

The state of South Asia has more than 12,000 workers in the blockchain field. According to this indicator, India ranks second in the world after the United States.

However, Dappros employees point out that the data may not be exact. They were obtained from open sources, relying mainly on LinkedIn social network profiles. Also, researchers point out that the demand for blockchain developers is not fully met.

The population of India is more than a billion people. But for every 100,000 citizens, there is only one blockchain developer. The numbers are especially sad when compared with those in Japan. And even though the island nation has approximately the same number of blockchain specialists, but its population is 10 times smaller than India.

Indian businessmen complain about the lack of blockchain developers

The CEO of Tech Mahindra, a major Indian information technology provider, is also unhappy with the number of blockchain developers. Chander Prakash believes that the problem can be solved by improving the curriculum. According to him, the current format restricts students in practice, and only one theory to achieve success will not work.

Future blockchain experts are already training in America

The United States is taking the first steps towards developing blockchain education. In particular, New York University has already begun training in cryptocurrency specialty. Stanford and Massachusetts technology, one of the main educational institutions of the world, in 2018 also began to offer students a program for the study of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The impetus for the active study of technology gave universities Ivy League. Back in 2017, Yale, Wharton and Hass opened the blockchain courses. According to recent studies, the initiative of universities will be popular. Thus, in the summer of 2018, the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange reported that American students were increasingly interested in digital money and blockchain.

At this pace, soon the market will see certified blockchain developers, which in particular companies in India and other countries need.

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Blockchain developer is a popular profession in the USA and India