Founder of Facebook begins to develop brain implants

Mark Zuckerberg invests in brain implants

The idea of brain implants causes huge controversy in society. Many people are sure: such technologies are designed to control humanity. Others see in this decision a real opportunity to overcome hundreds of diseases that are now simply impossible to treat. These include Mark Zuckerberg. American media reported that the world-famous IT-specialist created a project that develops such chips.

Brain implants will help to get rid of diseases

In 2018 in the press there was information about the sale of the shares of Facebook company by Mark Zuckerberg. The total amount of transaction was $ 30 million. Most experts predicted “Swan song” of IT specialist who is ready to leave his brainchild. This view had the right to life. The pressure exerted by the authorities and society on the social network reached the highest degree in 2018.

However, everything was much more interesting. In 2019, there was information about the opening of a new project by Zuckerberg, called “Chan Zuckerberg Initiative CZI“. The idea of the startup is to create implants for medical purposes. They will help to cope with several diseases, which are simply impossible to cure with the help of current techniques.

The final product of CZI should be a brain-machine interface. Its essence consists in transmitting commands to the body by thought. The chips will be wireless, and will be able to record human movements, perform and monitor them in real time. According to Nature journal, the researchers are well advanced in their work. In particular, the development has already been created, and even tested in the monkey’s brain. Scientists say: such operations is a therapy, because they are designed to treat disorders of the nervous system. For example, the interface will save people from the devastating effects of Parkinson’s disease.

Professor of computer science and engineering at the University of California in Berkeley Ricky Muller spoke about establishing a connection with the primate brain. The expert noted: the use of such chips has many consequences. Science seeks to help the sick, and researchers want to establish an interaction that is similar to working with a gadget.

A project of the American scientists will go out into the world under the name of Cortera. Experts reported on its testing. After the integration of the development, the monkey was offered to control the cursor on the screen using a special joystick. Another requirement is to hold the arrow in one of the corners of the display. It should be kept at a specific point for a certain amount of time. A special device was fixed on the head of the primate, its size did not exceed the length of the palm. It was connected directly to the animal’s brain. The chip recorded, stimulated and changed movements throughout the study period.

Ricky Muller also spoke about the success. Technology allowed to learn a lot about the commands of the nervous system. Scientists managed to force the monkey to perform certain actions. The specialist is convinced: in the future, such decisions will be the most important method of treatment of disorders of the brain and spinal cord.

In fact, this is an unprecedented success of science, because until recently it was believed that remote control of a living organism is impossible. Who knows, maybe Zuckerberg will really sell the entire share in Facebook, will move away from the social network and will be fully engaged in a mega-promising project.

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Founder of Facebook begins to develop brain implants