Professional advice on business development in the field of IT and Blockchain

Consultation on business development in blockchain

Blockchain technologies are not only successfully used in various markets (insurance, logistics), but also contribute to the emergence of new business sectors.

Since the blockchain is a complex process, and its phenomenon is not fully understood, not all companies are able to cope with the introduction of technology on their own. Therefore, blockchain consulting services are being actively developed. Business development advice is provided by both industry giants (IBM) and specialists with experience in this field.

Among the main directions of blockchain consulting are the following.

ICO marketing and consulting

ICO is the primary placement of tokens. So, in other words, the format of raising funds for the company. ICO can be compared to IPO (first public sale of shares), only here instead of traditional shares investors get digital ones.

This method of raising funds is used by start-up projects (start-ups) that are just entering the market.

Properly prepared and conducted ICO is a guarantee of the company’s future success. But in a rapidly growing market, not every company can afford to be responsible for all processes. In this case, it is better to use the services of external specialists.

Blockchain consultants will analyze the project itself, its competitors, the overall market condition. The formation of the strategy, the compilation of the Whitepaper (the document describing the company entering the ICO) and the Road Map (the set of project objectives after the ICO) are also possible. Blockchain consultants can provide even simpler, but equally important ICO details, such as creating a website and driving traffic to it.

Legal assistance and advice on business development in the legal field

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is not regulated worldwide, this does not mean that there is no legal work there.


Especially important is the consultation of lawyers during the creation of white paper. Experts will check all the nuances of this important document.

As a rule, employees of companies providing blockchain consulting services in the legal part, know the peculiarities of the work of currency exchange sites, and the platforms where it is created. Interacting with such organizations is a must, so it’s better to have a legal rear.

In general, such lawyers can take on all the organizational issues for the period when the business enters the market, allowing its managers to deal with the operational part.

Personal trainings for business development consultants

There are not enough experts in the blockchain field and this is a fact. It’s difficult to wait until the blockchain is effectively studied at universities, given the pace of market development. On the other hand, giving all contracts to consulting companies is also not an option. Therefore, it is worth thinking about training your employees from such consulting structures.

Their employees create a unique training program specifically for each company’s profile, including individual express programs. This allows you to improve the skills of personnel with an eye to the future.

Listing tokens on trading floors

Representation of coins on stock exchanges is one of the key details of the development of the blockchain project. After all, investors need to be given the opportunity to buy and sell tokens. Because often these there are digital shares of a company that receive investors in return for their investments.

However, access to trading floors is far from such a simple process as it may seem. Therefore, blockchain-consultants will also need help here. Experts will take over the solution of issues related to the implementation of tokens on stock exchanges.

Blockchain consulting is developing as rapidly as the blockchain itself. This is explained by the fact that it is always better to entrust the solution of certain issues.   specific professionals . Business development consultation minimizes the risk of failure, financial, reputational and other losses. Therefore, it is important to turn to a professional in time and start moving your business in the right direction.


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Professional advice on business development in the field of IT and Blockchain