Buying property in Georgia – why this sunny country attracts investors

Buying property in Georgia: why you should pay attention to this country?

Georgia is one of the most promising countries for investment in residential real estate for investors who know how to count money.
A sunny country is distinguished by the absence of real estate tax for individuals, quick processing of transactions, gambling business, and high investment attractiveness. Also among the advantages of Georgia is a visa-free regime with hundreds of states, high investment attractiveness and, of course, the sea. To all of the above, you should add the absence of taxes on wealth, inheritance and capital gains.
Experts recommend investing in resort real estate for the subsequent lease of it. Most of these facilities in Batumi. And since tourists love to stay in Tbilisi, this city is also replete with offers to buy a home.
Also, foreigners are invested in business premises. In the new buildings of the city of Batumi, an apartment without repair starts from 30 thousand dollars. Panoramic views of the mountains and the sea are appreciated. An object that meets these criteria will cost 45 thousand dollars. In the secondary real estate market, the situation is similar: the price of an apartment starts from 30 thousand. It is curious that the five-star apartments in the objects of well-known developers, with repair and furniture, will cost approximately the price of secondary housing.

Buying property in Georgia and the ease of obtaining a residence permit

So, Georgia is famous for the most inexpensive apartments by the sea. If a worthy object in Batumi costs an investor $ 45,000, approximately the same in Turkey will draw an average of $ 89,000 in a newly built house without finishing.
It should be said that Georgia is an associate member of the EU (like Moldova, Ukraine, and some other countries), but is not part of the European Union. Consequently, it is not necessary to regard the country as a springboard for obtaining “golden visas”. This option (trade in a residence permit) is popular in a number of European countries, such as Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, etc.

In Tbilisi, the cost of an apartment starts from $ 35,000 at the rate of $ 1,400 per square meter. The secondary market offers facilities worth 25 thousand dollars. In the old part of the city, a square meter of secondary housing costs $ 1000, in the new one – from 700.
Fans of alpine skiing buy housing in Gudauri (including for rental). However, this resort, despite its prospects, can offer objects for only $ 1,400 per square meter. However, housing there is characterized by high profitability: apartments at the resort are not found in the season, which affects the cost of renting them.
If someone from investors is interested in a residence permit in Georgia, this is achieved by purchasing real estate at a price of $ 35,000 or investing in an economy of $ 110,000.
In 2012-2016, residents of the Russian Federation bought 18,000 housing facilities or 54% of the objects sold to foreigners.

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Buying property in Georgia – why this sunny country attracts investors