A car on a 3d printer is just around the corner, the first wheels are already printed

It is possible to print a car on a 3d printer

Is it possible to create a car on a 3d printer? In this world nothing is impossible. The number of parts of the modern machine is approximately 30,000. Only the engine has about 5,000 parts. Most of the components of the so-called iron horse have a simple form. So, they can be manufactured on a 3d-printer.

Discs for the sport car were printed recently. The method of electron beam melting was used, and titanium powder was the material.

Previously, this technology was used for space. But the part for cars was printed for the first time. To disks worth reasonable money, they tried to use a minimum of material. As a result, the product is replete with holes, spacers and the like. At the same time, the disks look very nice: In the future, this will probably be the way car parts will look.

The result is a very light and durable wheel at the same time. You should also pay attention to the fact that in the process of forging it takes up to 80% of the metal. If the item is printed on a 3d printer, only 5% of the material is lost. It is also environmentally friendly. True, there is one significant “but” because titanium is much more expensive than the usual aluminum.

Car on 3d-printer: plastic and metal

It should be noted that some parts of the car is much easier to drive. Much in the cabin, you can safely print out of plastic.

The car body on the printer is also absolutely real. The fact is that it is assembled from 50-100 components, and then robots weld in more than 5,000 places. Therefore, it seems that the body is one-piece.

Special attention is given to the engine. This is a complex unit, but its numerous components can also be entrusted to a 3d printer.

But it is impossible to manufacture the leather interior using high-tech tools. So comfort lovers can stay calm: There are many more things that are impossible to print.

It becomes clear that in the very near future, with the development of three-dimensional printing, car giants will no longer sell cars. When the 3d-printer becomes so accessible, as, for example, a refrigerator, manufacturers will sell programs and materials for printing. And the car will be produced on the spot.

It is also worth noting that 3d-printing of houses has become an everyday thing. American startup ICON prints houses of concrete. The company from the same country (but with Ukrainian roots) PassivDom opened a whole plant. The number of applicants is so large that the line for fashionable housing is painted for 8 years ahead.

So the house (and soon the car) on a 3d printer is a reality that will become available soon.

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A car on a 3d printer is just around the corner, the first wheels are already printed