Cryptocurrency listing: how digital assets go to exchanges

Why a listing on the cryptocurrency exchange is needed

If customers have invested during the ICO, then they see prospects in the company. In this case, investors should be given the opportunity to trade coins on stock exchanges in order to benefit. In addition, hit on such sites, as a rule, increases the price of the token by 20-25%. The emergence of a new Coin and places for operations with it logically affects the number of people interested in the asset.

Also, after all covering all potential customers during the ICO is unlikely to succeed. Listing the cryptocurrency exchange with this will help.

What it is necessary to pay attention – the withdrawal of the token to the exchange

There are several criteria by which representatives of the exchange select the coins for listing.

  • The essence of the asset. The way to the marketplace is closed fro fraudsters. Therefore, a big plus when entering the stock exchange will be an already working product or a prototype ready for launch.
  • Business model of the company. If it is not clear from the description of your blockchain product which problem it solves and if it is beneficial, then the chances of getting on the stock exchange are reduced.
  • Token holders. Has the ICO been completed? Fine. Make sure that information about the number of coin buyers has been collected and analyzed. It will not be superfluous to show that your token is actively discussed on specialized forums or on social networks.
  • Liquidity. There is no sense for the exchanges to list assets that are not in demand In this case, the site does not win anything.
  • Team. Developers, lawyers, financiers, CEOs, and other top management should be professionals so as not to arouse suspicion among representatives of the exchange.

First contact with the site

If at a business meeting the role is played by the appearance of its participants, then during online communication its quality must not be overlooked. Tell why your token will be popular in a letter or when applying for a listing on the cryptocurrency exchange. This will help the analysis of the previous paragraph.

By the way, speaking about contacts. The stage of preparation for entering the marketplace is very important.

Work on building a database of exchanges. Not always the way to the site is clear and open. You may have to go to specialized forums, ask for help from advisors. It has been said that the harder the training, the easier the mission.

Where to start listing on cryptocurrency exchange to minimize risks

There are two types of exchanges on the market:

  • Free That is, do not take money for placement
  • Paid

The second type of start is not suitable for all blockchain projects due to the high price. For example, listing on Bittrex starts from 3BTC.

In this case, you should pay attention to the smaller and often free exchanges. For example, such exhange as EtherDelta.

The application process for adding coins to EtherDelta is very simple: specify the virtual address of the token, add a link to the official website of the company, finish with the description of the token.

Despite the fact that such exchanges are more focused on the quantity and not on the quality of the coins, this does not mean that their representatives will ignore the main selection criteria.

Cryptocurrency Exchange listing timeout

As a rule, no more than a month passes from the moment the listing agreement is reached to its actual start. Long wait is possible due to the technical and organizational part, as there are many tokens on the market. Therefore, do not bother your contact person on the exchange with questions about the date of commencement of trading, as this can only delay it.

Reasons for delisting

It is a mistake to believe that there will be no more problems with entering the exchange. Unfortunately, there is the threat of delisting.

There can be several reasons for removing a token from a trading platform. The most important of them is the lowest trading volume. As already mentioned, the exchanges do not make sense to keep an unpopular asset.

The second nuance is technical problems. If your coin has become vulnerable, then the risk of delisting only increases.

Another reason is the popularity of tokens and exchanges. Sometimes marketplaces have to clean the rows in order to adjust the work of the site. For example, in August 2018, the OKEx exchange removed 28 coins.

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Cryptocurrency listing: how digital assets go to exchanges