Rolls-Royce Giant will build its own electric aircraft

Rolls-Royce designs electric aircraft

Vehicle manufacturers have placed great emphasis on environmentally friendly technologies over the past 10 years. In the conditions of constant rise in the cost of energy carriers, it is much more profitable to use renewable energy sources for the consumer, and the policy of many states implies a complete ban on hydrocarbon engines in the period from 2025 to 2035. The world has already seen electric cars, including trucks. Hydrogen trains run in Germany and Canada. Now organizations are engaged in the creation of electric aircrafts.

There are many problems in this area. Humanity has yet to find opportunities to ensure uninterrupted power supply of aircraft for tens of hours and to show competitive speed. To date, the development of the German company Siemens is faster than anyone. The model called Extra 330LE was released in 2017, and was able to rreach a speed of 337 km/h. However, the British car concern Rolls-Royce assures that this record will be broken already in 2020.

What is an electric plane of Rolls-Royce

The manufacturer of cars from the UK expands production and intends to offer the world its own aircraft. Engineers are already working on the project, they plan to present the finished version in 2020. Experts said that they are going to “overtake” their competitor from Germany, and to reach the speed of 480 km/h.

Works on the aircraft is carried out in the framework of the program ACCEL, the main purpose of which is to increase the speed of movement in the air by electric motors. Professionals chose the city of Staverton, where there is a small airport with a minimum number of flights as the base for experiments. Rolls-Royce partners are employees of the manufacturer of electric motors YASA, as well as representatives of Electroflight startup.

It is expected that the development will be equipped with an energy storage capacity of 6000 cells, this is the record in the aviation industry to date. The full charge is enough to provide a non-stop flight from Paris to London. In addition, this battery capacity allows to increase the maximum power of power units up to 750 kW. However, according to experts, the concern can create a cooling system that provides sufficient heat dissipation. The turbine speed will be 2400 revolutions per minute. Control over the technical condition of the transmission is carried out by means of special sensors capable of tracking 20000 points. They should regularly provide up-to-date information about the current operation of the devices and possible problems.

According to the head of ACCEL association Matthew Parr, the company will make bold to do a record already in 2020. Final tests of the new aircraft will be held in one of the airports in Wales. But experts will check it in extreme conditions before that. It is necessary to ensure that the development capacity and manoeuvrability is sufficient.

There is no doubt that such technologies are the future of aviation. The impetus for their creation is the strategy for the development of air transportation, approved by the European Commission. According to the document, operators are obliged to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions by 75%, and nitrogen substances – by 90% by 2050. In addition, the aircraft should become 65% quieter.

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Rolls-Royce Giant will build its own electric aircraft