Facebook blockchain development for WhatsApp messenger and real estate tokenization

Stablcoins for WhatsApp and blockchain development for real estate tokenization


The introduction of cryptocurrencies in messengers is gradually becoming a trend. The impetus was the blockchain development TON of Pavel Durov, whose launch in full mode is expected in the spring of 2019. Much talked about the internal crypto coin for Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg decided to train on his WhatsApp messenger first. There was information that experts are engaged in the creation of Stablkoin, which will be tied to the US dollar.

This report is confirmed by the following fact: in the office of the largest social network in the world 5 vacancies for the positions of developers in the field of distributed registry were opened. In particular, the organization wants to find analysts, information engineers and department head. Now David Marcus formerly known with his work in PayPal, as well as participation in the founding council of the crypto exchange Coinbase is the curator of the division.

Facebook announced the market where they intend to test the technology. The trial launch of the project will take place in India. Statistics show that in the territory of the country the application has the largest number of active users, of which there are about 200 million people. Moreover, in 2017, the state made money transfers worth $69 billion, which is the best indicator on the planet. In addition, professionals are engaged in the creation of the concept of custodial solutions that contribute to the accumulation of foreign exchange reserves using Stablkoin.

This is not the first attempt of the large organizations to integrate digital assets tied to the US dollar into the work. Earlier the same was tried to be done in Basis. However, the creators were forced to abandon the idea because of the specifics of the legislation. According to executives, the project was closed after claims by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Swiss blockchain development will create a new real estate market

In Switzerland, blockchain developments are more complacent. In particular, the local Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) allowed Blockimmo to launch a real estate tokenization service. The organization will be engaged in the sale of tokens-shares on buildings, structures and land plots.

The essence of technology is to offer digital assets as confirmation of ownership share. If a sale deal is made on the platform, holders receive a certain number of tokens. The project is supported by money funds, which are held in the account of one of the banks of Lichtenstein.

At the moment, the application is running in test mode, and only 2 objects can be found on it. The head of the company Bastian Don noted the fact of appropriation of own E-GRID numbers to the properties, offered on the site. In 2019, it is planned to fully start work in Switzerland and Lichtenstein, and in the future Blockimmo expects to enter the European markets.

The real estate is tokanization is in progress in the USA. In particular, one of the leading American realtors Ryan Serchant became a broker for a building worth $30 million. Experts say that this method of investment will help people to invest small amounts. Previously, such an opportunity simply was not due to the high price of shares and the impossibility of their fragmentation into small parts.

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Facebook blockchain development for WhatsApp messenger and real estate tokenization