Features of marketing in the field of information technology


Features of marketing in IT field: down with multitasking!

Often in the middle (more than 50 people) IT-companies there are problems with Internet marketing. There are cases when only one of the four employees of the marketing department is engaged in the Internet, he is plugged in the most and can not cope with anything.

Let’s calculate the directions of marketing related to the work on the web.

  1. Strategy. To move, you need to understand where.
  2. Analysis, study.
  3. Content marketing.
  4. Email. Recently, this tool is replaced by others, for example, Telegram. However, traditional mailings on the database are still very important.
  5. SMM. It is desirable that this direction does not intersect with Telegram and even more so with the report of information in Reddit, Steemit, on forums.
  6. Brand management.
  7. PR.
  8. Mobile marketing.
  9. Design, layout.
  10. Creative. Copywriting.
  11. Web chat.

Of course, this is not all that a serious IT company does on the Internet. For example, in a number of firms that perform outsourcing work, there are community managers just for forums and acting within the overall marketing strategy.

Can all these works be performed by one person? Are these tasks important to achieve the result?

Let’s talk about the performance indicators of the marketing department

особенности маркетинга в сфере

Features of marketing in the field of IT represent that everything is measurable. Even SMM or forum work has its clear KPI’s.

So, what’s important for the department?

Lead generation. Lead is a potential client who will use the services of the company. He came thanks to the efforts of the Internet marketing department. For example, read a useful article, heard a clear and intelligible pitching at the conference. When calculating leads, you should take into account all the channels of their receipt, and there are, as noted above, a lot of them.

Lead costs. In A company, a customer clicked on a $ 1 per click banner ad. B company got the lead for 2 cents. The result is the same, costs vary.

In other words: lead cost is the amount spent to receive one request from a potential user of the services. If the PR budget is zero (sometimes it is), the cost of the lead is equal to the monthly salary of a public relations specialist, divided by the number of leads. The task of the marketer is to reduce the cost of the lead by any available tools. For example, to use viral advertising on social networks.

ROI – return on investment


This is a key indicator. The cost of the Internet marketing department should not exceed the income from customers who came through the work of the department. It is important to review the marketing costs every month and not to save the budget if it leads to the prosperity of the company.

As you can see, the features of marketing in the field of IT is that one specialist can not deal here. Even if we are talking about a small startup. If we are talking about a company with 50 + employees, the Internet marketing department should have three people and more. The number of tasks and relevant tools is great. The importance of such department is also difficult to overestimate.

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