USB-C features improve the safety of mobile devices charging

New features of USB-C will help to distinguish your gadget from someone else

The unique characteristics of USB-C have made the technology popular among manufacturers of gadgets. The main advantages of this solution are increased data transmission speed and increased electricity throughput. In particular, the device can carry up to 5A current, thanks to which tablets and smartphones are charged unprecedentedly fast. However, these are not all the features of the protocol. According to the developers, there will be an option to recognize the equipment, which will help to protect it reliably soon.

How will the new USB-C features protect gadgets?

The technology is improving every day, and the creators are constantly announcing new features. This time, experts announced the possibility of additional protection of smartphones, including viruses. The next generation of USB-C phones will be able to recognize their own cable and prevent the other from connecting.

Today phones and tablets have become indispensable for humanity. It’s much more than just a means of communication. Devices provide us with entertainment, easy work and access to information, which makes it almost impossible to do without them. But with the spread of gadgets, the new methods of hacking are created. Already now, intruders are showing increased interest in technology due to the massive launch of applications that help manage finances. Theft of accounts and passwords is one of the main dangers of the 21st century. Therefore, specialists have to look for actual ways of protection.

The USB-C protocol has caused considerable resonance in society, especially among smartphone manufacturers. Companies declare the conversion of models, produced according to the previous standard, to a new one. The works will start in 2019. It is expected that by 2020 the technology will completely displace old connectors from the market. This opinion was shared by the expert Victor Khristov, studying the characteristics of the device.

The key feature of this solution professionals call the possibility of charging only through an authorized unit and cable. The proposal was put forward by the specialists of USB Implementers Forum. They have already implemented the project. According to representatives, this step is the most important to fight against theft of personal data, downloading of malware, as well as other troubles.

So far, manufacturers have not made changes to the protocol itself to implement the technology. In fact, the standard is only a guide for organizations that produce machinery. It describes the features of authorization using cryptography.

Updated USB-C is a real method to solve the data transmission problem. The idea is as follows: Smartphones and chargers should synchronously check the correct connection when connecting. Therefore, if a “foreign” device is connected, which is not able to pass authentication, the gadget simply does not recognize it. This option has already been approved by companies using corporate phones with working information. Thus, it will be possible to prevent penetration into memory and theft of information. Of course, this is also important for private users.

Taking into account the increase of the value of mobile communications and their versatility, the problem of introducing malware has become particularly urgent. USB-C will allow it to prevent and protect users from attacks by intruders.

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USB-C features improve the safety of mobile devices charging