The implementation of technology Blockchain in the sphere of modern life

Preliminary implementation of Blockchain technology in Uzbekistan

In the middle of November, Blockchain was first used in Uzbekistan, as the National Project Management Agency reports.

The technology was implemented into the database of the center of expertise and standardization of drugs and medical devices to protect against data manipulation. The “State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicinal Products, Medical Products and Medical Equipment” was the object.

The investment director of the Digital Trust Fund Bobir Akilkhanov, in collaboration with whom the Blockchain technology was implemented, is confident in its perspective. He believes that the Blockchain will make the database work transparent and will increase confidence in the system of state control of pharmaceuticals.

H&M proposes to monitor the delivery of clothing using Blockchain.

Swedish retail giant drew attention to the Blockchain and found it to use. With the development of the Singapore platform VeChain, the company will track data on the movement of its products. The development is currently undergoing a test launch based on the Arket brand, which is owned by H&M.

Australia has completed testing the Blockchain for insurance payments

If the technology is just being tested in Sweden, the experiment with the Blockchain has been successfully completed in Australia.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the Australian Federal Science Agency CSIRO have developed a Blockchain-based application using smart contracts. The service allows making payments on pre-prescribed conditions.

The peculiarity of the Australian experiment was that insurance organizations for persons with disabilities took part in it. After the testing was completed, the bank specialists and the agency came to a positive conclusion. According to them, access to the application throughout the country, its users will save from 1 to 15 hours per week and 0.3-0.8% of the annual budget, which equals hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

As you can see, the introduction of blockchain technology shows good results regardless of the scope and geography of application.

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The implementation of technology Blockchain in the sphere of modern life