Modern Internet marketing technologies and its main tools


Internet marketing technologies turn a visitor into a buyer

Internet marketing is a set of Internet activities aimed at the promotion (sale) of goods and services on the network. It is difficult to imagine a business that is completely offline. Therefore, advice on turning a “passer by” into a buyer is important for everyone.

Strategy as an Internet marketing technology

Unfortunately, there are no universal strategies. All of them are developed in the field of Internet marketing in the process of working with web analytics. The strategy is based on understanding the needs of the target audience (TA), competitive analysis and business goals.

Where to post information? Landing page

Heavy sites are no longer in fashion. Single-page website for a specific product or service is needed. Pay attention to the mobile version, it is very important. Try to be as concise and persuasive as possible. The client, coming to the page, thanks to the tools of Internet marketing, must perform targeted actions: “buy” or “register”.

Also, landing pages can be a tool for market analysis (“pre-order”). Thus, you can find out whether a product or service will be in demand.

технологии интернет-маркетинга

Web analytics

Probably the most important tool. There is no web marketing without constant analysis of information about visitors and their actions, as well as making the right decisions.

The main (but not only) analysis tools – Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika.

An important point of analysis is conversion. This is the percentage of site visitors who have made the target action (read more above in the “Landing page”).

SEO and semantic kernel

There is no sense in the work of the landing page (landing), if it is not found in the search.

To go to the top only a semantic kernel is needed. This is a list of keywords that most accurately describe the product or service you sell. Or the action you expect the user to take (for example, sign up).

Key words (phrases) are requests in search network. The more accurate they are, the better. For example, if the landing page is called “register for a conference”, this is the key. Service selection of keywords will help to pick up the rest. Each page (article) of the site must have a unique key.


Work with social networks and content marketing

In what social network is the target audience (TA)? If you have correctly identified it at the stage of strategy development, as well as tracked it by web analytics, there will be no problems with it.

For example, HR Agency can be limited to LinkedIn network only. Network VKontakte would be enough for youth brand. After registration of accounts, they should be filled with really useful and necessary information for TA.

The frequency of information submission and experiments in formats are important. From what messages the highest number of clicks and conversions? Why? What exactly worked? Only by constantly analyzing the behavior of users, you can make a really high-quality SMM.

Targeting and other Internet marketing technologies

To sum up, the main advantage of Internet promotion is targeting. The time of advertising aimed at other people’s target audience is long gone.

Interactivity: the ability to interact with the client here and now through a variety of means.

Finally, web analytics. It allows to determine the most effective tools and actions in real time. And also to adjust the targeting, search requests and more.


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Modern Internet marketing technologies and its main tools