The level of human happiness – importance of happiness indicator.

LinkedIn is considered to be a professional network, since you can find resumes and job vacancies there. HR-specialists, as well as people looking for work are target audience. This is a popular resource, comparable in number of users to Facebook. So, the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg boasts 2 billion clients. LinkedIn has over 500 million registered users, but, unlike Facebook, there are no bots.

In 2016, LinkedIn was sold to Microsoft for $ 26.2 billion. And now, another deal: LinkedIn has bought Glint – a system for measuring the level of happiness of employees. The transaction amount is $ 400-500 million.

What is the level of human happiness?

There is an official Happy Planet Index. It reflects the welfare of people in different countries. It consists of indicators such as life satisfaction, life expectancy and others.

As in some other spheres, in the IT sphere it is very important for a top manager whether his subordinate is happy. If the level of happiness of a person is high, then the work is done easily and naturally. Also the time to complete tasks reduces. Consequently, the level of happiness must be measured and increased.

Bought by LinkedIn’s professional network, Glint calls itself the People Success Platform. It uses real-time data to help organizations increase employee engagement, develop them, and improve business results.

Glint conducts marketing surveys that do not take much time. Based on them, the level of human happiness is determined. If the calculated indicator for a particular person decreases from month to month, the employee may need help. Sometimes it’s enough to take the vacation or even go to the movies. Sometimes a psychological counseling is necessary.

Monitoring of emotions at work

Of course, the influence of the employee’s emotions on the quality of work performed has long been known. For example, the head of the Ukrainian MHP Agricultural Holding, Yurii Kosiuk, noted that the emotions are monitored in his company. People working in enterprises are constantly monitored by cameras. Feelings that express faces are interpreted by psychologists. If someone determines that a person is “unhappy,” HR specialists and psychologists work with him. Their task is to help be happier.

It should be said that the Glint platform, acquired by the social network LinkedIn, is a more sophisticated tool than the monitoring of emotions. Facial expressions may be interpreted incorrectly. The results of the research have more reason to trust.

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The level of human happiness – importance of happiness indicator.