Technologies of the future: Battery printing and parts manufacturing on a 3d printer

The reason for creating such batteries

The problem with modern batteries is that they are bound to the form of the gadget on which they are installed. Their proportions do not always satisfy people.

While the first flexible phones appear on the market, batteries do not warp. Scientists believe that manufacturing parts on a 3d printer may contribute to this.

What kind of materials are used for the manufacture of parts on the 3d-printer

To create a free-form battery, developers use polylactic acid. It is used in plastic surgery to form the desired outlines of body parts. But despite all the advantages the acid has one serious drawback: it is not an ionic conductor.

However, scientists were able to solve this problem. Experiments with various chemical elements made it possible to achieve the required level of electrical conductivity.

The anode, carbon tubes, cathode, and other battery components were made of graphene (fines consisting of carbon atoms). By putting all the pieces together, the doctors have got a miniature battery. Its power was enough for the minute work of the LED.

The initial result satisfied scientists. In addition, their goal was to prove that the manufacture of batteries in the form of flexible tapes is possible. Also, experts suggest that future batteries can be integrated into the fabric and give them any form.

Manufacturing parts on a 3d printer is developing

Now the attention of scientists is focused on finding other materials that will allow to produce batteries on a 3d printer. As was already mentioned, polylactic acid is suitable for this, but workers hope to find an even more effective solution.

Apart the electronic sphere, 3d-printers are successfully used in architecture, medicine, the jewelry industry, and mechanical engineering. In particular, using modern printers, visual construction objects, prosthetic devices for the sick, wax figures for future jewelry and prototypes of parts of the machinery are created.

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Technologies of the future: Battery printing and parts manufacturing on a 3d printer