Military artificial intelligence: submarines under the control of the digital mind

China will use military artificial intelligence in the work of submarines

Scientists have found new use for neural networks. It is reported that the Chinese authorities want to integrate military artificial intelligence in the creation of submarines. The first batch of cars is planned to be released in 2020.

Why China creates a digital fleet

One of the reasons is the response to such actions on the part of the United States. Management of perspective research projects of Ministry of Defense of the United States of America in 2018 have developed an autonomous ship for Naval Forces of their country. Also, Americans are working to create the same submarines. They should also be ready in 2020.

The second reason is the struggle for the disputed waters of the South Korean Sea and the Pacific Ocean between China, Vietnam and Japan. Future submarines can be used as a lever of China’s pressure on other countries. Moreover, in 2018, the state placed military bases on artificially washed Islands in conflict zones.

Possible danger in the work of the submarines

Experts believe that China’s developments lead to an escalation of the conflict in the Asian region. Despite the fact that the task of submarines will be the usual patrol of waters and the detection of other vessels, it is still unclear whether their military artificial intelligence an make decision on the attack.

Potential training of submarines in the course of its activities causes concern. It is possible that after participating in the conflict, the ship’s neural network will act at its discretion.

Military artificial intelligence is demanded to be banned

Since there will be no crew on the innovative submarines, there is a possibility of their capture. In this case, AI can be hacked and reprogrammed for other tasks.

The autonomy of military equipment in general does not seem to be the best prospect. After all, any military conflict is primarily a social problem. In the course of its resolution, the actions of the people who are responsible for them play a major role. If machines control all steps during conflict, there is the possibility of the emergence of large-scale dealings with catastrophic consequences.

Supporters of the ban on military artificial intelligence believe that such developments lead to the emergence of dangerous weapons with the possibility of its capture by terrorists. And those, following its ideology, can level it against innocent people, using not for protection, and for attacks.

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