Mobile app technology will change cities in Asia

Mobile app technology make life easier

Through the phone it is possible to buy tickets, products, pay bills and other services. Each action has its own application. But what if we imagine one program that combines all the requests? This service is already gaining momentum.

The so-called “super-applications” are particularly popular in Asia, where they have become a key innovation of the local technology market. Among the most popular applications are WeChat, Grab and Go-Jek. Their main difference is that they work on an all-in-one basis. While in America and Europe for each service there is a separate program, Asian developers try to fit as much as possible in one unit.

Technology of mobile applications rise to a new level

For example, through Grab it is possible to order a taxi, rent a car, get food delivery from the restaurant. The application also provides the possibility of non-cash payment. Grab is already loaded on 125 million mobile devices, and the company of the same name is one of the fastest growing on the market. In November, it was also reported that Hyundai will invest 250 million dollars in Grab.

WeChat started off as an ordinary messenger. For 6 years of existence, the program has grown into a universal application with an internal payment system WeChat Pay and the ability to use the application as an electronic passport. Now Chinese citizens crossing the border with Macau and Hong Kong you do not need to have a passport. “Document” of identity confirmation is WeChat. The development of Tencent company is currently used by more than a billion people.

Go-Jek with a set of features reminds Grab. The application allows to order a motorcycle taxi or courier for cargo transportation, arrange food delivery, “rent” a driver for a shopping trip. It is possible to pay in cash or through the internal balance of the program, replenished through a local bank.

The focus of these “super apps” is the orientation towards paid services and high technology of mobile apps. Thanks to this, the software companies have reached a new level of profitability. In addition, in the future, the use of WeChat, Grab data providers, and other generic programs will allow to learn more about customer behavior. And this, in turn, will affect the formation of new products and services.

The future of mobile application technology

The developers do not stop there. Founder of Go-Jek, Nadim Makarim recently announced that his company plans to create an even more versatile application.

“We want to create the world’s first super application that will allow the user to conduct their daily business and solve all the necessary tasks”, Makarim said.

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Mobile app technology will change cities in Asia