New technologies of artificial intelligence allow to calculate a potential criminal

New technologies of artificial intelligence will help to predict crimes

The idea of a possible prediction of a crime before commitment is not new. American science fiction writer Philip Dick described it in his The Minority Report novel, which was filmed in 2002. The work describes a special system designed to prevent crime. It could predict events, identify people who will commit an offense, and thus made it possible to prevent murders, thefts and many other potential crimes. If earlier this idea seemed fantasy to humanity, in the near future it can become a reality. Here new technologies of artificial intelligence will help.

The project that will work on the same principle as the system in the novel by Philip Dick is already launched in Great Britain. It is reported by New Scientist. The customer is the Police of the country. The essence is to identify possible criminals and prevent their intentions before they are committed. Artificial intelligence will help to realize the idea.

The developers have already come up with a name for the system – NDAS, which stands for National Data Analytics Solution. The material for the analysis will be taken from the state and regional Police databases. The head of the project Jan Donnelly said that more than 1 terabyte of information from various sources was collected for the development of the project. In particular, the system includes information about 5 million people in the UK, as well as a lot of information relating to the crimes already committed.

Artificial intelligence, developed for NDAS will rely on 1,400 different parameters that can determine the propensity of certain people to commit a crime. After the analysis, all people who are in the database are assigned a score. Some of them artificial intelligence will mark as “violently inclined” Then the people who will receive such a mark will be assessed by the degree of risk of committing various crimes in the future.

New artificial intelligence technologies are already being tested

The territorial police Department of West Midlands County, which is located in the Western part of England, became the first participant in the testing of the project. The test period for the system will continue until March next year. In the near future, testing of the project will be launched in 8 more counties of the United Kingdom.

Project Manager Jan Donnelly focused on the fact that the project is not aimed at arresting someone before committing a crime. He stated that the system would be used solely to advise the police, who should be prepared for a possible crime. Optimization of work of law enforcement officers is particularly important now, because in the United Kingdom Police spending slashed.

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