Hyundai develops its own robot all-terrain vehicle

Hyundai’s robot all-terrain vehicle will be presented at Consumer Electronics Show 2019

Humanity can no longer imagine itself without a car. Some use cars only for comfortable movement, and others – as a source of income. However, not all countries of the world have good roads that can overcome even an off-highway truck. This problem is so urgent that automakers are forced to look for solutions on their own, not relying on the state. It seems that the most original version was found in Hyundai. Experts suggest to transplant people from the wheels on four mechanized feet of a robot all-terrain vehicle.

What is a robot all-terrain vehicle?

Journalists are waiting for Consumer Electronics Show 2019 with great impatience, the event promises to be extremely interesting. Especially curiosity is caused by the stand of the Korean auto giant. If earlier such developments were designed only for the space and military industry, now civilians will have access to vehicles of this kind. The model is called Elevate.

Experts predict a good future to the technology. Many believe that it is able to compete with all-wheel drive cars. Indeed, it is much easier and safer to step over the pit on the road than to pass on it. The robot simply has no equal in a wooded or mountainous area.

In Hyundai declared that the all-terrain vehicle is electricity-powered. The automaker has already branded it as a “vehicle with increased mobility”. The key difference from the ordinary machine is only one – there will be no wheels on the device. They will be replaced by four automated legs. Millions of people are looking forward to seeing this miracle.

Observers are not even trying to compare the development with any other car. However, common features were found with the concept of Swincar Spider, presented in 2015. The idea of the creators was to release a capsule on the legs, able to move on flat rough terrain. However all ended with conversations, nobody even tried to realize it.

The company did not say anything about the technology. Except the announcement, no data is published. The robot was presented on 7 January 2019, although Hyundai said: only a prototype will be brought to the exhibition. Experts have not informed the public whether the exhibition model will be able to walk independently, although journalists and experts hope to see it in action.

In the office of the Korean auto giant reported that first of all the development should help rescuers. In this way it is much easier to get to the mountains, gorges, deserts, forests than on classic vehicles. Moreover, bad weather conditions, because of which can not fly planes and helicopters, will not prevent the operation.

In addition to information about the all-terrain vehicle, a lot of interesting were in the press release of the manufacturer. In particular, employees have created a unique wireless charge/parking system for electric cars. It is carried out without the participation of the driver. A person disembarks passengers and leaves the salon. Further actions are carried out through the gadget. The owner needs to open a special application and give a command to the car, after which the transport will go to a special capsule. As soon as the batteries are 100% full, the motorist will receive a corresponding signal.

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