Investment Alternatives to Silicon Valley of the USA

Silicon Valley of the USA or its “younger brothers” all over the world?

Silicon Valley in the United States is a recognized center for new technologies. However, not only San Francisco and the surrounding area can be interesting for investors, who are counting on real estate growth due to the rapid development of the startup infrastructure.
As you know, many executives of companies that are engaged in high technology, become millionaires, and then – billionaires. Employees of IT-firms are the middle class, which is interesting for any country. In the locations of large and small innovative organizations, usually expensive real estate – customers can afford to rent and purchase it. But not only in America, but in a number of other countries there are locations that can already be called “silicon valleys in miniature”.

In Bangalore (India), the number of ultra Highways (active businessmen with assets of thirty million and more) is expected to grow by 40%. At the moment there are just over a hundred of them. The gross domestic product of this city has a 60% growth potential. This is all – because in Bangalore there are representative offices of leading American, European and Indian IT companies. In general, in the city – offices of more than 400 of the world’s most famous companies – from Microsoft to Samsung. The infrastructure of startups is also widely developed.
The Chinese city of Hangzhou boasts 732 ultra-highways. The population of the city is getting richer, mainly due to the fact that there are a huge number of companies involved in the information and logistics business located in and around it. It is predicted that in the next 5 years the market for services in which the residents of Hangzhou are engaged will grow by half. The 26 firms that pay taxes to the city’s treasury are capitalized at $ 1 billion or more. One of the most famous is the concern Alibaba Group. To one of the business capital of China – the city of Shanghai, from Hangzhou is only an hour away.

Silicon Valley of the USA or Northern Europe? Thechoicefortheinvestor

Stockholm is one of the most innovative cities in Europe. There are 560 ultra-high-nets in it, and the number of these people will increase by 23% in the next five years. Stockholm is not only the birthplace of the well-known IT brands like Ericsson.In this Swedish city, for example, Spotify’s online audio streaming service has grown. From a startup, the firm has long been turned into a transnational corporation.
Also, the city authorities are famous for the ability to attract and retain talents. For this, Stockholm received even the first INSEAD 2018 award. Over the past 5 years, the northern city has managed to attract 8% of innovators from all over the world to its high-tech infrastructure. It is expected that in the near future their number will increase by another 7%. The city has special programs that stimulate the relocation of developing businesses from around the world.


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Investment Alternatives to Silicon Valley of the USA