Smart watch manufacturers bypass Swiss brands: another win of Apple

Apple’s ability to create products that everyone wants to have is unique. But this is not the only advantage of American company.

Almost every Apple development was among the leaders of its segment. iPhone has become synonymous with the word “smartphone”, Macbook in 1984 showed how clear a personal computer should be.

But the brainchild of Steve Jobs in the mid-2000s ceased to produce breakthrough new products, but only updated the existing ones. This continued until 2014, when Apple Watch appeared.

4 years after the release of the first model, we can say that Apple managed to become No. 1 in the new sphere. Now on the market there is a prominent leader and other manufacturers of smart watches that are trying to compete with Apple. Meanwhile, the classic Swiss watch are losing momentum.

производители умных часов

Manufacturers of smart watches did not keep up with Apple

Apple’s success should be seen through the prism of the history of the watch industry, as well as through the perception of this subject in society. It has long been believed that the Swiss watch is a sign of status. But they were not always successful. In the late 60’s in Japan a simpler and cheaper watch was developed. So there were quartz watches, which value was much lower than the Swiss ones, which hit the positions of Switzerland in the market. By 1982, the Swiss industry had lost more than 60 thousand workers, about 1000 enterprises around the world were closed.

But manufacturers of smart watches were able to respond with innovative development. Popular now plastic Swatch may have become the first native stylish watches. They performed their main function, were stylish, small, comfortable. Until the mid-2010’s this set was enough. Then smart watches appeared on the market.

Apple didn’t become the company that popularized them. They should thank the manufacturer Pebble Technology for creating a trend and demand, which in 2012 gathered on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter 10 million dollars to develop such a watch. The company’s product was of high quality and popular, and perhaps it would have more global success. But Pebble could not compete with Apple Watch, which was presented a year after the release of the first Pebble.

производители умных часов

Manufacturers of smart watches are losing the market because of Apple

We can say that Apple repeated the way of Swatch with its development. Americans have created an effective, convenient and stylish product. It combines brand and classic designs, modern technology and proven quality of Apple. It is hardly possible to demand more.

Despite the fact that the price and the first reviews initially discouraged buyers, every year the sales volume of Apple Watch and Apple share in the market increased. It came to the point that in the IV quarter of 2017, the world supply of the smartwatch manufacturer exceeded the total export of all Swiss watches.

Smart watch manufacturers will save a human life

In addition to attractive financial indicators, Apple Watch was able to change the perception of not only smart, but also watches in principle. Now it’s not just a thing for time with a date that can have a calculator or other simple functions. Watch of American company literally save a life through the analysis of the general state of health. For example, in the summer of 2018, doctors diagnosed Michael Lava with a rare heart disease. This happened after the night his pulse jumped twice, which did not pass by Apple Watch. The man woke up from the vibration of the clock, looked at the advice about calling the doctor and followed it.

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