The main directions and trends of technology in 2019

What the VMworld Europe is?

This is one of the largest conferences in the world dedicated to the themes of virtualization and cloud technology. It is conducted by VMware, the largest developer of virtualization software. The last conference so far has become the 14th in a row. According to the results of the recently held VMworld Europe conference, it is possible to make trends in technologies of 2019.

Technology trends in 2019 according to the results of the conference

Specialists of the Russian division of VMware Alexander Vasilenko and Artem Geniyev identified the following five trends next year.

1) 5G is the force for progress

Like any other type of Internet, 5G has a number of advantages hidden from the simple user. Analysts are confident that the development of the super-fast network will help improve, in particular, virtual reality technology. The development of UAVs, drones and robots will also reach a new level thanks to 5G.

2) Artificial intelligence will continue to evolve and replace drivers in the future.

AI showed a big jump in popularity in the past year. It is already used in mechanical engineering, education, medicine and other fields. In particular, we talked about the fact that artificial intelligence has written a script for a commercial. Experts suggest that in the next few years, technology will become even more integrated into people’s lives and will replace some professions. Call center operators and drivers are at risk.

The function of the former is easy to program, analysts say, as is the role of drivers. Artificial intelligence can appear in public transport and taxis. And work in this direction is already in progress: one of the taxi companies in America ordered about 16,000 robotic cars.

3) Virtualization is trend of technology of 2019

Virtualization means launching one or several systems within another operating system on one computer. Thus, it is possible to achieve optimization of some processes, in particular, to reduce the cost of resources.

Virtualization performed well in the financial segment. Banks in America, Europe and Russia are actively implementing the technology.

4) The Russian cloud technology market will grow.

Data on the growth of cloud services in Russia over the past year are unknown. However, according to the IDC Russia Cloud Service Market report it was 49% in 2017. In 2019, the positive trend will continue at the level of 20-30%.

The trend sphere of recent years is developing slowly, but steadily. In the context of cloud development Russia is lagging behind other countries, but the competition in the domestic market will force companies to introduce similar technology. So says Alexander Vasilenko, head of the Russian representation of VMware.

5) The market, not the state determines the success of the product

According to Artem Geniev, architect of VMware business solutions, it is possible to catch up with Amazon, Microsoft and other leaders of cloud technologies only due to natural market processes. Support for administrative resources does not matter, since with it the product becomes globally uncompetitive.

Technology trends in 2019 have already been identified. It will be interesting to see their success next year.

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The main directions and trends of technology in 2019