Research: the impact of social networks on a person and his mood

The impact of social networks on a person is obvious

People are affected by everything that happens around. It is very difficult to live in a society and still be outside it. Sociologists often conduct research on the relationship between a person and books, television, advertising, etc. It’s time for social networks.

Social content consumption by people is different. For example, it has long been noted that full access to social networks in offices reduces productivity. But here it is necessary to make a reservation: it’s not the social networks that are to blame, but the managers that employees work less. If there are few tasks, people get bored.

Experiment: unlimited and 10 minutes per day in the social network

At the University of Pennsylvania (USA), an experiment was conducted on 143 volunteers. People were divided into two groups. Psychologist Melissa Hunt conducted a study.

The first used social networks “as usual”. In this case, we are talking about network-reliant people who are looking at the screen of their smartphone every free minute. Considering that there are a lot of such people in modern society. Moderate social content consumers also participated.

The second could enter social networks only for 10 minutes a day. Moreover, not all networks were available. Facebook, Instagram and popular in the USA Snapchat were chosen.

Monitoring the purity of the experiment was carried out using screenshots of the screen. It was necessary to screen an application that shows the consumption of the battery charge for certain programs.

The experiment lasted three weeks. At the end it, the participants have been surveyed. Participants were tested for the presence of depression and missed opportunity syndrome in their lives.

The results of the study confirmed previously known information. People who spent no more than 10 minutes on social networks felt much better than their colleagues from the parallel group. They had a lot more time than before, for fascinating conversations, hobbies and just enjoying their lives. Participants with unlimited social networks regularly complained about the missed opportunity syndrome. It is known that Facebook and Instagram users constantly show off their best photos and events to the subscribers. Observers from the side may get the feeling that the lives of those to whom they are subscribed are continuous training in the gym. As a result, flat bellies and swollen legs. It may seem that fancies posting a photo constantly go somewhere, rest somewhere, only important sign events occur in their lives.

All this makes others jealous. People forget that good and bad things happen in life, but the negative is not published in Instagram. So there are depression and missed opportunity syndrome.

In general, it makes sense to enjoy life more and spend less time on social networks. Of course unless you are not a SMM manager. But then you have another problem – you are so busy with work that you cannot even read your friendpage. It is definitely for the best.

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Research: the impact of social networks on a person and his mood